Okinawa Tourism Information:PhantasmalFlowerofOkinawa,"Irukanda"Bloomingin4years.

Phantasmal Flower of Okinawa, "Irukanda" Blooming in 4 years.

post : 2016.05.26 18:00

This is where you can meet "Irukanda" the Phantasmal Flower of Okinawa. It has been 4 years since last time they bloomed in Daisekirinzan right nearby cape Hedo.

Phantasmal flower, "Irukanda" is one of leguminous plants. "Iru" means color and "Kanda" means vine in Okinawa's local dialect. "There are so many Irukandas around in north of Okinawa", old men living in north of Okinawa says. You can easily see them deep in the jungle, which is too hard to step in. Otherwise, Daisekirinzan is easily accessible and full of nature is there. Moreover, more flowers than usual this time.

Why is Irukandas glow in such a hard place to access? They like the area with conditions of humid, high temperature, and shade. Irukandas in around semitropical natural course of 4 stroll courses in Daisekirinzan. I actually met them in the jungle, so I'll share the photos with you.

Total distance of "semitropical natural course of Daisekirinzan is 1km. It's about 30 minutes walking. One of the biggest banyan tree in Japan, "Ugan Gajyumaru" is here, and that is the first landmark.

It is said that nymph inhabits at "Ugan Gajyumaru". On the top of the tree, there are flowers of Irukanda with celestial shine.

Most of the Irukanda flowers are upper on the trees, so it's a bit too high to watch. As height of the trees are getting lower as you go deeper the course, Irukanda flowers get easier to reach as well. And this is it!

I thought it was like grapes looking from far away, but it's actually like chandelier of jewel looking closely.

A lot of people come to see this phantasmal flowers from (in/out of) Okinawa. It is available around May. When you have chance to drive up to North Okinawa, it's a must place to go!

Address: 1241 Aza-Ginama, Kunigami-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-41-8117

Entry fee: 820yen for adult, 520yen for children (free under 3years old)
Open hours: 9:00 -17:00 (April to Sep), 9:00-16:00 (Oct to Mar)

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura