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Okinawa CLIP Movie "Vietnamese-Motorbike Stall, Co'mngon

post : 2016.05.27 09:00

Just 5minutes walk from Yachimun street where close to Kokusai street, here is Japanese traditional folk house near Tsuboya intersection. I wonder what it is, and step into the area. There is something that I didn't expect to see in Tsuboya area. It's Vietnamese stall!

"Bánh mì" (sandwich in Vietnam)is the most popular menu. Okinawa's locally produced vegetables, chicken, egg, and coriander on home-made bread. Vietnamese flavoring materials give spicy Asian taste. You will get addicted to it!(and good with beer)

Popular Vietnamese menu, pho, spring roll, and sweet sweet Vietnamese coffee are also available. Vietnamese food in Naha, Try it! Or you'll see at some events on weekends in Okinawa.

Address: 1-34-8 Tsuboya, Naha, Okinawa
Tel: 070-5815-8103
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
Close on Mon, No parking lot

Okinawa CLIP Videographer/Writer Kazumi Gojobori