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Fashionable Shop in Hateruma Island, Nakasoko Shoten shop+cafe

post : 2016.05.29 18:00

It takes an hour by speed ferry from Ishigaki Island to go to the Japan's southernmost habited island, Hateruma Jima.

It is such a small island with a population of approximately 540 people, but there are many pretty shops. One of them is Nakasoko Shoten in Naishi area.

There are variety of things, such as original goods and accessories made by artists living on the island.

Their original hand cloth has many colors and its design is inspired by the Southern Cross and goats.

This T-shirt is designed by the owner, who says "I cannot wait to take care of goats everyday."Besides goat design, there are many t-shirts.

Even on shopping bags, they have stamps of goat.

Famous sweet is Shimasake Ice Cream. It uses "Awanami", the only awamori produced on the island.

It took 6 months for the recipe to be completed. With one bite, the taste of Awanami will spread in the mouth and it feels so fresh. Depending on the day, there are various flavors such as brown sugar, Okinawan lime, and hibiscus. It is handmade and doesn't use any emulsifier or stabilizer, so it is healthy.

Nakasoko Shoten used to be a usual shoten that has food and commodities, but it reopened as a new shop in 2003. It was by the owner, Miki Nakasoko. 

She is from Nagano prefecture and she had a job to revitalise the local community and she met her future husband there. They both lived in Nagano for a while but they decided to come to Hateruma Island where her husband was born and grew up.

The shop, which used to be run by the husband's parents, had been closed and it had become like a warehouse. She thought that it's too good to be waasted so she wanted to use this place to make the island more popular place for people to visit.

In 2011, she opened up a gallery+shop+cafe Nakasoko Shoten and held a photogallery of residents on the island or people related to the island.

Nowadays, some people come to the island just to visit Nakasoko Shoten. And I assume that friendly owner is another reason that people come here. "There weren't much souvenirs when I first came here. Hateruma Island has really beautiful sea and night sky, but that's not all. I am hoping to make people happy." says the owner. Miki's love for the island to cherish the traditional events and life style was shapen as those items at the shop.

Nakasoko Shoten shop+cafe
Address: 85 Hateruma, Taketomi, Yaeyama, Okinawa
Open: 9:00~12:00  14:00~18:00
Closed irregularly

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter : Masumi Sasamoto