Okinawa Tourism Information:"UnknownSurfinginOkinawa,nowadayz"

"Unknown Surfing in Okinawa, nowadayz"

post : 2016.05.31 09:00

Planning, organizing, directing, editing, gathering information, writing, and recording videos, are all done by myself for "Surfing in Okinawa"

I don’t' even say that I am a surfer, but I actually used to surfing back in 1999 and 2000 when I was in Tokyo for 8 to 9 years.

I was surfing mostly in weekdays with my lovely boards (one is for beginner and the other one is for pro), but can't even stand on the board. That means I am a beginner.

Beginner but have essential information of surfing to write about. So here are some left overs photos of the project. First 5 photos taken in Sunabe(Chatan), and following 5 are in "Suicide"(Itoman). And last one with beautiful girls in some hidden spot.

As some of you know, Okinawa is surrounded by coral reef which minimizes the duration of surfable time to 4 hours before/after high tide. "Reef break" which is not popular as "Beach break" in mainland Japan, limits the surfable area so that surfers try to get better spot. it's exciting that surfing this area because hitting the surface of coral reef easily.

For the reasons said above, filming and shooting are not easy. Checking tidal level and time data, wave condition, wind direction, and weather forecast are needed. I personally won't surf, but will film/shoot of the surfers.

The conditions are all match! So I head to the spot, then……..

There is no surfers at all!!! (The spot is the closest point from my home, but 15km away) hmm.

Here is a local tip. OSA(Okinawa Surfers Association) organizes all Okinawa's surfing business. It makes easy to do everything for surfing if you have a talk with OSA. Once you have a relationship with OSA, it's like adding wings to a tiger. People are friendly and willing to help you.

Easy way to start as a beginner is to knock on the door of OSA class if you are interested in. For intermediate class or expert, then you should talk to local shops. Also sharks sometimes show up, so please be aware/careful.

It will be another way to enjoy beautiful beaches that different from diving. You'll find fascinating aspect of Okinawa.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Kiwamu Ogawa