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Yanbaru Restaurant Kuni & Station of Nakijin So-re

post : 2016.05.31 18:00

A restaurant, Kuni opened in 2015 is right next to Station of Nakijin So-re which sells farm products. 

Original dishes of ethnic and Italian food made from Okinawa's local food. The yumminess is getting popular. This is good when you are sick of Okinawa's local food. More slow time here in Nakijin, but not many guesthouses with restaurant. This restaurant opens lunch dinner time and offers alcohol. Local people also come to "So-re" where local vegetables and souvenirs are available.

Yanbaru restaurant Kuni

Nakijin So-re

Address: 157 Aza-Tamashiro, Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa


Okinawa CLIP Videographer/Writer Ohji Ogawa