Okinawa Tourism Information:Red-tiledGuesthouseatWesternmostPointofJapan,"GuesthouseOmoro",Yonaguni

Red-tiled Guesthouse at Westernmost Point of Japan, "Guesthouse Omoro", Yonaguni

post : 2016.06.08 18:00

It's just 1 minute from bus stop. Beer garden, cake shop, and even Izakaya within walking area from the guesthouse, Omoro. The middle of the island, at the westernmost point of Japan, where the guesthouse is. Population is about 17 hundreds in this island, and the downtown is filled up with relaxing time, not with people.

6 rooms of Japanese tatami style with air conditioned. Cedar wood makes relaxing atmosphere.

Dining and bathrooms are shared by the people. There is no TV on guestrooms to encourage people communicate, otherwise, wireless LAN system is available. Breakfast and dinner menus are changed day by day.

Catchphrase shown on the website says "We are supporting great trips in Yonaguni, even group tour, by yourself, or business trip". How you enjoy Yonaguni is up to you, but it is important to her(owner of Omoro guesthouse) that the tourists enjoy or nor.

How much tourists love this island makes the people live in this island pleasure.

"Trip means to face by yourself". Think of the island, people, and by yourself. This is referred from her book "Tourists fall in love with Yonaguni, Westernmost point of Japan".

A trip is to escape from reality. To put in yourself time flow that is different from your daily one. To see something unfamiliar scenery, to feel something to talk to people while traveling, are to find something in your mind.

If you  feel peace of mind or exciting about looking at this view, that means piece of mind and exciting mind is in your mind.

Married and came here "I am happy, customers, stuff, and my family are all supporting. 

The owner, Manami talk to customers who like to talk, and talk less to who are not talkative.

"Feel the air, mind, and free your mind in the dynamic nature. Receive the energy", Manami says in a calm tone unlike her normal characteristics kidder and beamish.

Summer, Winter,  Fall, and Spring show different aspects of the island even westernmost point of Japan.

Guesthouse Omoro
Address: 14 Aza-Yonaguni, Yonaguni-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-87-2419
Fee: 5,700yen - 1bed breakfast/dinner

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Nobuya Fukuda