Okinawa Tourism Information:Anauthenticcharcuterie“KinjoShoten”inNaha,thatcasuallyenjoyitsgenuineatmosphereandthetasteeveryday

An authentic charcuterie “Kinjo Shoten” in Naha, that casually enjoy its genuine atmosphere and the taste everyday

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“I wanted to accomplish something new before turning to 30 years-old. Then these two options came up to my mind; either climbing the Mt. Fuji or opening up a restaurant…” When I asked him the reason why he has opened the restaurant, and his answer made me surprise!

The restaurant called “Kinjo Shoten” he has run since January 3rd, 2016 where you can eat pork product as hams, sausages and pates = charcuterie located in Naha close to Okinawa University and Okinawa Women’s Junior College.

The owner of the Kinjo Shoten, Hirowa Kinjo was a wood bass player in his twenties, playing it at a club with live music. He played music five times a day. His working conditions there include cooking at the kitchen when he was not playing the wood bass on the stage. He learned the joy of cooking through those days. “There were times that I hated cooking because of its hard work” and said “no more cooking!” But once I quit cooking even the bitter memories turned out good memories… and I was like, I wanted to try it once again.”

A chef who had taught him cooking before he opened the restaurant likes charcuterie and he started getting interested in it. And more to it than that, he likes meat products so it was natural for him to study about charcuterie for a year by himself. “I like French foods and Italian foods too, but those are too big and deep field to study and actually to cook. So I was looking for that can focus on something more specialized food products.”

He is chasing his goal of charcuterie that is used Okinawan products goes perfect with the wine. He says it is natural to choose and use Okinawan products as he runs the restaurant in Okinawa. “Because the most important of pig intestines is freshness.” Says Mr. Kinjo.

When he decided to open the restaurant, he stumbled on this property, which the place he has run. He is originally from Tomigusuku-city, but he has lived in the area of the restaurant in his twenties, therefore he is familiar with the area.

Kinjo Shoten is the small restaurant that allows to reserve privately from five people. All-you-can-drink charges; Men 3,800yen Women 3,000yen (Drinks; Mugi Shokunin (Low-malt beer), Awamori, Red/White Wine, Whiskey and soft drinks). The dishes are chef’s choice style and will be served salad, quiche, assorted charcuterie platter and main dish comes with breads. Mr. Kinjo has set his goal to satisfy the customers’ stomach and doesn’t want them to feel “We need more foods.”, so that his all-you-can-drink has big volume. (The food menu and ingredients will be changed with the day.)

Pork shoulder loin hams ~black pepper flavored~, KIBIMARU pork pate de campagne, TEBICHI(pig’s trotters) hams, Duck’s breast hams and white liver paste. These are on the assorted charcuterie platter that go perfectly with both white and red wine, and you cannot resist to refill the glass over and over again!

Another recommended plate you can enjoy with a glass of wine is “Herb roasted TEBICHI bread crumbs on top”. It is stewed for four hours and removed bones then reshaped nicely and put in the refrigerator to set and finally sprinkle some bread crumbs on top before putting it in the oven to bake.

Okinawa is known to use every part of the pig for cooking; there is even saying that goes, “Everything but its crying is eaten” and Kinjo Shoten serves some symbolic cuisine such as “Fromage de tete” that is made of mimigaa (pork ears), tongue, pork cheek rolled by chiragaa (pork face skin). As these different parts of pork blend together, you will be able to enjoy variety of textures and taste at the same time.

Kinjo Shoten serves not only pork dishes but also other meat dishes. “Yanbaru Poulet Confit” is cooked slowly at very slow simmer in its own fat. The confit skin is crispy and inside meat is tender. It is one of simple dishes but the flavor and the taste linger on your mouth, unable to forget it.

“Although charcuterie is not famous in Japan yet, it is not something very formal. I like to eat out and I want to give that unusual excitement from eating out to the customers. I will be chasing the real taste but, meanwhile, I want this restaurant to stay casual for the customers to come in easily to enjoy the dishes.”

There is take-out sandwich menu that is popular for the local workers and students. Mr. Kinjo has been working for Loisir Hotel’s bakery section twice a week to learn the bakery as he wants to stick to “Use home-made bread”.

He is now considering to start take-out charcuterie. You can’t take an eye off of Kinjo Shoten. Why don’t you enjoy the genuine cuisines casually with a glass of wine in the way of a grown-up time.

KInjo Shoten
Address: 2-4-14, Nagata, Naha-city, Okinawa
Te: 080-3375-6948
Open: 14:00-22:00 (L.O.)
Close: Sun

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Sachiko