Okinawa Tourism Information:Munakatado


post : 2016.06.14 18:00

More bakeries offering high quality bread have opened in recent years in Okinawa, and it's getting popular even in among people out of Okinawa. "Munakatado" is one of the trailblazing bakeries of it, and attracting fans from far. Focused on wild yeast natural present bread. The bread with special flavor baked in hand-made stone oven is unforgettable.

Cultivation has started with wheat farmers in Okinawa, so that self-provided of wheat will available in the future. At the backyard where a big banyan tree is, not only you can drink/eat, feel the nature in city area.

Address: 1-20-2, Kakazu, Ginowan, Okinawa
Music: SAWA

Okinawa CLIP Videographer/Writer Ohji Ogawa