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Parent-and-Child, Plaster Shisa Making Experience

post : 2016.06.17 18:00

An Experience (of making local tradition of Okinawa) would be good for parent-and child. Ryukyu glass made from recycled material and pottery such as Bingatasome and Yachimun are popular Okinawan traditional craft. Making experience of those traditional craft are available at hotels and tourist facilities in Okinawa. Especially recommended one is "Plaster Shisa".

Plaster Shisa, as the name suggests, is to make shisa from plaster. Unlike regular pottery, plaster shisa doesn't have firing process, and you can take it home after making it. The natural texture of Ryukyu plaster mixed with Ryukyu caustic lime and straws is one of the features. It has been used for long as building material in Okinawa.

As kids are begging to go out somewhere on the weekend, I took them to "Murasakimura", the Experience Kingdom, in Yomitan. Experience of making shisa is common to local children as they often do in their school programs. For my eldest daughter, this is going to be 4th shisa making, but she always loves this. (anyway, we need a replacement of broken shisa at home.)

Pugging plaster seriously and pleasantly. Ryukyu plaster is easy to pug like clay.

Pugging and finishing up take 20 minutes, then wait for another 40minutes to cure.

After that, next thing we will do is painting! 

My daughters are enjoying painting. They show their painting talent as the imagination.

Eldest daughter's painting, solid choice of color combination.

Youngest daughter shows unique sense of painting.

Eldest daughter satisfied with her shisa.

Youngest daughter, big fan of Marimekko paints shisa reminding Marimekko world. Would you like to try shisa making experience?

You can make plaster shisa at

Experience Kingdom Sakimura
Address: 1020-1, Aza-Takashiho, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
Tel: 098-958-1111
Open: 09:00-18:00
Close: none

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