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Sata Andagi is a Hot Item! “Nakijin No Eki Sore”

post : 2016.06.17 07:00

Nakijin Village is located on Northern Okinawa, and there is a road station called “Nakijin No Eki Sore” which is managed by energetic local women.

The word “Sore” comes at the end of spoken language when people offer hospitality to guests in Okinawa.  

“Mensore (welcome)”
“Yukuimisore (take a break)”
“Usagamisore (Enjoy your meal)”

It also refers to a refrain “Sore! Sore!” And its name has a wish to activate the village. 

“Farmer’s market is much known nowadays, but it was rare when we opened 'Sore' 18 years ago,” said Emiko Suzuki.

A group of women who love to cook stood up, received subsidy from the government, and started this road station.

While selling seasonal vegetables and fruits that local elderlies grew, those women discussed their ideas like “Why don’t we cook bento box and sell?” “How about daily dish?” Even though they did not have management know-how, they supported each other and made a lovable spot for every visitor.

“Farmers are the reason why we are here, so we want many people to provide the delicious blessing of nature.”

Besides vegetables, brown sugar, jam, mozuku seaweed, traditional craft, and other made-in-Okinawa products are available at “Sore,” and these are mainly produced in Nakijin Village.

Handmade baskets are also popular here. They were introduced at fennica, a label of BEAMS (Japanese clothing brand), and people used to leave washed dishes in the baskets back in the old days.

Among these popular products, the most popular one is freshly made warm sata andagi! 

A restaurant and a kitchen are built next to the road station, and freshly handmade sata andagi are lined up here.

Each of them is a bit smaller than the usual size, and they are easy to eat. Okinawan ingredients including brown sugar, purple yam, dragon fruit, and bitter melon are kneaded to dough. 

Sata andagi are crisp on the outside and hot. It is mild taste and makes people want to eat again just remembering its taste.

Many local residents come to this relaxed restaurant nonstop during lunch hours.

Many seasonal vegetables dishes are served for the most popular “Sore Teishoku (set menu).” Juicy (flavored rice) which cooked with dashi soup is excellent. Tebichi (pettitoes) soba, gristle soki (rib) soba, and others are also on the menu.

They are the energetic nenes (big sisters) who support “Sore.” 17 of them run the road station by supporting each other.

The road station has cozy and relaxed atmosphere, and it also has the warmth of Okinawa. It is because the smiles of nenes support this facility.

Please stop by when you visit Nakijin Village.

Nakijin No Eki Sore
Address: 157 Tamashiro, Nakijin Village
Tel: 0980-56-4940
Business Hours: 9:00-18:00
Closed: Monday 


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Akiko Ono