Okinawa Tourism Information:MiyakoIsland,whereyoucanfullyenjoysuperbview.

Miyako Island, where you can fully enjoy superb view.

post : 2016.06.20 18:00

Rainy season is almost ending in Okinawa, and summer is coming soon. One of the islands you should go in summer is Miyako island.

It's 290km away to southwest, and just 50minutes from main island of Okinawa. Even from Tokyo, direct flight takes just about 3hours.

Reason that I recommend Miyako? It's just simply beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in Japan is Yonaha-maehama.

The Clearness of the sea, total 7km length of the white-sandy shore. Free parking and shower are good for tourists.

Not only beaches, but also nice places to see such as Kurima island, Ikema Island (northernmost of Miyako islands), and Irabu island where a new bridge was built in Jan, 2015. You can drive around the islands.

Local people is another magnetic point to enjoy Miyako. If you have a chance to see local people like photo above through local cooking experience class, please try to have some conversation.

If you would like some more superb view addition to swimming in the beaches, Higashi-hennazaki(40minutes drive from Miyako Air Port) is a good place to go. It's easternmost point of Miyako island, and designated as a best 100 park in Japan. It's on the east coat so good to see sunrise.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura