Okinawa Tourism Information:ColdWaveandFishPickinginIshigakiIsland.

Cold Wave and Fish Picking in Ishigaki Island.

post : 2016.06.21 18:00

Some area of Japan including Okinawa, hit by a clod wave around end of Jan, this year. Some of you might remember the news of snowing in Okinawa. Weather forecast says that expected temperature of Okinawa at the time was 8 degrees Celsius which usually is 12 degrees.

The day was rainy day and lowest temperature was 7.3 degrees which is lowest record. That was first time to wear winter jacket since I moved to Okinawa. I went to the beach to see the fish of apparent death. Because of the cold water, fish get almost dead. 

I went fish picking when low tide. I remember it was so cold.

I found one! But It was too late to get big fish.

Left over fish are all small ones. Friend of mine could get big ones at different area(not much competitions).

Looks Great!
I tried some other spots because I don't want to give up. I found a lady holding a bag that is full of something. 

"Did you get a lot of fish?", I asked. "No more fish" she answered. She was gathering sea wrack.

Not only sea wrack, but also octopus, shellfish, and small snails are in her bag.

"Take it home if you want" she said. She broke the shell, and told me to boil it for 5 minutes to release the legs. It was cooked with soy sauce and sautéed with butter. I am sure that I wake up early and go pick fish if cold wave happens next time.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto