Okinawa Tourism Information:"HibariyaCoffee",acupofcoffeeatbackyardsurroundedbytreesandbreeze.

"Hibariya Coffee", a cup of coffee at backyard surrounded by trees and breeze.

post : 2016.06.22 18:00

I have heard good reputations of Hibariya Coffee since they had moved from old place where is just like a hidden garden.

I have been dreaming of coming to this coffee shop, and that actually happened! 

First time I visited Hibariya was when I moved in Okinawa a few years ago. I was looking around something looks good. That was one of the spots that I was interested in.

One cup of coffee that I order was really nice. Other customers look comfortable with the atmosphere of the nice breeze and sunshine filtering through foliage at the garden.

Sawako Tsuji, the owner of the shop was talking to regular customers friendly. That made me relaxed. I had no friends nor family in Okinawa that time, so I felt kind of I was becoming part of community. Not even talking to her, but it feels like this is the place to stay. The kindness and friendly characteristics of her, trees, and breeze might made an atmosphere that I felt so.

New Hibariya is filled with the soft atmosphere.

For customers who are meeting someone, working, reading books, or even doing nothing, the owner keeps a sense of distance, so that everyone feel comfortable spending their time.

"Deep-roast coffee" is recommended when especially hot season at Hibariya. All drinks are best roasted for drinking outside. Not too bitter, not too soft, just good flavor with nice breeze under sunshade.

Another reason that makes this coffee better is thin edge of the glass.

Another drink to recommend is "Konosazanami Cider". Lemon flavor with salt and soda. This is what the owner wants to drink when hot.

"Okinawa is a place of nice breeze", the owner says. Her words reminds me, and here are plants and soft breeze. She also says "I would like this shop to be in Naha". I would like to watch this coffee shop is growing.

The location of new Hibariya is 30 seconds walk from Miebashi station. It will be quite soon if you find a kettle above photo. Just go into path and turn left.

Here you go! You got it.

Please enjoy a blissful cup of coffee looking at foliage and sunlight.

Hibariya Coffee
Address: 1-19-11, Makishi, Naha-city
Tel: 090-8355-7883
Open: 10:30 - 19:00
Close: Irregular holidays(bad weather)

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Akiko Ono