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3rd author "New Style of Relocation" - Choose How You Work and Live, is on sale

post : 2016.06.23 18:00

It has been for 4 years since I moved from Kanagawa to Okinawa. Both of my published authors "New Trip to Okinawa" and "New Trip to Remote Islands" are typical guidebooks.

My 3rd author was published on June 1st, 2016. Theme of it is "Choose How You Work and Live". I have move to Okinawa, spending great time, and fortunately having some jobs. I feel everything goes well because I'm at the right place. Everyone has own right spot to fit in well, and people should go find the place. My experiences of every place that I lived, and stories that I heard from other people who lived places all over Japan are written in the book.

So many interesting and fascinating places are in Japan, that what I felt. Every place has different originality, history, culture, and people. There is something only you can feel at the place, something like original atmosphere. I feel Okinawa is a special place. It's not just beautiful beaches or wonderful nature. Original cultures, histories, and customs are something you can only find in Okinawa, and a lot of people get fascinated.

How about people moving to Okinawa? I feel younger people come to Okinawa more and more recent years. Conditions and environment for movers are getting easier? No, I don't think that's the only reasons for. Movers still have to find stable jobs and have good relationships with local people etc. It is something you feel comfortable when you are in Okinawa.

I believe that people should move around more to find the right places for them. Living in the place where you are born is also good, but important thing is whether you feel comfortable or not. Where you feel congenial, and where your skills are useable are to think about. Movers can be workers for local communities and can work more efficiently at the right places.

Stories of 10 kinds of movers to Hokkaido, Yamanashi, Gifu, Okayama, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka, and Okinawa are on the book. Please check this! If you are interested in moving.

Okinawa CLIP Managing Editor Masayuki Sesoko