Okinawa Tourism Information:BrightColorsofContrast,Sky,Sea,and"Pandanusodoratissimus"(Adan)

Bright Colors of Contrast, Sky, Sea, and "Pandanus odoratissimus"(Adan)

post : 2016.06.24 18:00

Pandanus odoratissimus(Adan in Japanese), you can often see on the beaches or street in Okinawa. It's one of the Pandanaceae plant, and occur south from Amami Islands.

Adan bunched together on the beaches, becomes barricades when typhoon season.

Adan fruits are 15cm to 20cm size and beautiful orange color. The shape and color of the fruits look like typical tropical fruits. The contrast of sunshine, blue sea, and Adan fruits present tropical atmosphere.

Adan fruits really looks like pineapples. It used to be said that it's not eatable because of the toxicity, but now it's eatable(I haven't tried yet). The burgeon portion is used as essential food for traditional events in Yaeyama. For tempura, bonito soup, and cooked with fish, adan is useful. No wonder palm crabs love it.

Prickers all around adan leaves. Local people can use very easily, but please be careful to handle this.

Sandals and coasters.

Peal the prickers (using peeler makes easier), put them into boiled water, and sun-drying. Then this will be sandals, baskets, and hats.

At Shiraho Sunday Market open every week, you can see local people knitting adan leaves.

Adan is one of the essential items for local people. Please feel the tropical atmosphere if you see adan when driving or beach party.

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