Okinawa Tourism Information:Kurumi-sha,RestaurantofBackyard,SpiceCurry,andSnacks.

Kurumi-sha, Restaurant of Backyard, Spice Curry, and Snacks.

post : 2016.06.26 18:00

Resort Mall Aeon Okinawa Rycom has opened in Nakagusuku recently, and the are is getting more attention. There is a restaurant with attractive backyard in the area.

Simple whited-colored signboard saying "Kurumisha" is on the street where dependent houses scattered throughout the area.

Blended curry of several spices, chai tea, and baked goods are all hand-made, and gives a pleasurable time.

Hand-made tables and wood floor makes you feel easy.

Simple layout of commodious room, hand-made tables/chairs, view of backyard from the wide window, and relaxing atmosphere makes easy time.

View from the window.

Bar facing to the backyard.

Just spacing out sitting on the sofa, playing with kids, either one is fine.

I can look at this beautiful combination of green grasses, blue sky, and white clouds  whole day .

You can enjoy time to eat spicy curry and snacks in the lovely atmosphere. The owner of this restaurant is Akino Chinen who really likes spicy food.

Akino showing chillaxing smile.

Menus are only curries, but 10 kinds of original blend spices with it

There is something soft in the real spicy curry.

Spicy chicken curry set menu. There is also menus for children(not spicy)

Chicken in the curry is so nice. It is like melting with the spice in my mouth. Bringing the spoon more and more, and just can't spot eating it. The flavor is not only spicy, but something soft in it. There are also home-made chai tea made of the spices, snacks, drink, and sweets(not spicy) are available.

Cheese semifreddo

Cheese semifreddo, sweets on the pottery. It is something between ice-cream and cake. This Italian sweets is good dessert after main dish.

Baked snacks hand-made by Akino are popular for souvenir.

Owner Akino, how cute she is!

The shy owner shows charming and embarrassing smile at camera when I look at viewfinder. You can feel peaceful and relaxed at the backyard with her smiles.

Address: 1871-1, Toguchi, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Tel: 098-935-5400
Open: 11:00 - 16:00
Close: Sundays and holidays

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer 0173 Reina Chinen