Okinawa Tourism Information:Nowisthebesttimetoview"Okurareruka",Kijoka,Ohgimi-son

Now is the best time to view "Okurareruka", Kijoka, Ohgimi-son

post : 2016.06.27 18:00

It has been rainy season in Okinawa, but Okurareruka is only can be enjoyable this season. Especially in Kijoka, Ohgimi-son, north of Okinawa. The field of the area is covered with blue flowers.

The flowers usually fully bloom when around an event "Igimitiguma" is held beginning of April. Unlike usual, they bloom one week late this year, but no worries. Beginning of bloom is more beautiful for Okurareruka, and now is the best time to see.

Most of you might not familiar with the flower of Okurareruka and how it looks like. Leaves of Okurareruka are on sale for flower arrangement(Ikebana). Flavor of it is like lily and belong to genus Iris and Iridaceae family.

It has been raining recently, and flowers look vivid with rain drops. Kindergarten children are taking a walk when clear sky.

Okurareruka flowers are available at shops near the field one fascicle of 5 flowers for 100 yen. Putting about 10 flowers in a wider vase is recommended. Flowers are sold in buds so would be blooming next day.

Location: The field (Ta-buku), Kijoka, Ohgimi-son
Parking lot available

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura