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Shimaashibi "Aka Island" Sabani

post : 2016.06.28 18:00

Aka island is located 40km west from Naha-city. It takes 1 hour/1 hour and half by ship/ferry from Naha Port.

Aka island is one of the Kerama islands which is designated 31st National Park on March 5, 2014, and its population is just 300 hundred people with not even traffic signals nor kobans(police stations).

It's not rare to see Kerama deer which is designated protected species on the island, and even several deer in a day, or sometimes eye to eye.

Hermit crabs under the tree of Adan. It is rare to see purple crabs, isn't it?

Emerald green and cobalt blue of the sea. The beauty of sea on Aka island is needless to say. You can also feel the nature closely here.

I fortunately was added to a member of "Sabani" team of Aka island soon after moved in Okinawa. Sabani is fish boar propelled by sails in Okinawa. I go to Aka island for training, practice, and preparation of Sabani boat race almost every weekend.

17th of "Sabani boat race" in this year starts from Kozamami beach, Zamami-son to Ichimonji offshore, Naha port. 40 boats are start to ready to sail. The view of Sabani boats on the shore is like a painting.

Came to practice on the weekend. The driving force of Sabani boats are wind and rowing. All you hear is wind, wave, and rallying cry "one, two, one, two". When you row against the wind/tide, it is going be tough. Unlike against, sailing with the wind is so good. Touchable  water surface is another good thing. Ladies are waving hands with cheer "Ganbare!" while we are rowing hard.

Tourists are also waving/cheering from Aka bridge which crossing Aka and Geruma islands. It's pleasure to hear cheers like that, and sometimes not even be able to respond because too tired. I tell you that " Thank you so much" if some of you waved and reading this.

17th Sabani boat race is held on 26th of June, 2016. If you see that training/practice of boat race, please cheer them up. 

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Asaka Mika