Okinawa Tourism Information:RecommendedDrivingSpotsinMainIslandofOkinawa,Part1,Hamahiga

Recommended Driving Spots in Main Island of Okinawa, Part 1, Hamahiga

post : 2016.06.28 06:00

The overseas road goes straight, sandwiched between both side of sea. You will see blue marine both on the left and right side. This area is popular for a driving spot on weekends.

Marine sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing are active. Variety of color of kites present tropical tourism atmosphere. Crossing the road to reach Henza island first, and soon there is fishing port. Then crossing another bridge called Hamahiga Ohashi, here is Hamahiga island of 500 people population.

According to a myth of Ryukyu, this island is considered "Island where God lives". It has been a spiritual place and people come more and more. I have seen some people actually "had child" and "had married" because of the spiritual power. And moreover, a whole family moved-in this island.

Place called "Shirumityu" where close to the spiritual place.

My family also likes the island, and enjoying fishing and swimming at the desolate beach.

Beach in front of 413 Hamahiga Hotel & café.

Staying a half day there is even great, but I would recommend to stay at least a night. My favorite hotel is Hamahiga Resort of which view of the pacific ocean from the lobby is stunning vista.

This is like a cut of blue sea.

Opposite to Hotel Hamahiga Resort, there is "413 Hamahiga café" where Ju-shi-(Okinawan fried rice) and Yushi-tofu are available.

Hamahiga island is known as area that red-tiled old folk houses exist. Restaurant at the traditional house "Ti-rabui" is recommended spot.

You might be able to feel like time traveling back in the old days if you step into old house. "Hamano-Ti-rabu set meal is something to feel nostalgic. "Seasonal vegetables and Su-chika- fry" won a cooking contest on the island.

Hamahiga island is not quite a big island, but lovely hotels and foods are there. Just to look at children playing at the beach makes me relaxed.

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