Okinawa Tourism Information:Series,4th"Kurokki-"reallyOkinawa?Minami-Daito,SolitaryIslandsintheDistantocean

Series, 4th "Kurokki-" really Okinawa? Minami-Daito, Solitary Islands in the Distant ocean

post : 2016.07.11 18:00

There is an article "Kiwamu Ogawa's OKinNAwamu CLIP" at Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer's Dairy. Series of remote islands "Kurokki-". I feel that's way far from Miyako and Yaeyama, easternmost point "Minami Daito island".

The island is surrounded by bluff because coral reef around the island upthrow.

It was last year to land on the island. Minami-daito, solitary islands in the distant ocean is 360 km away from Naha(there is nothing but sugar cane farm on Kita-daito island, and I won't probably introduce the island). Compared to Kita-daito, there is much more spots to enjoy on Minami-daito. which moved my mind. Focused on 5 spots. What I would like you to be aware of is that details of the island history and geographical stuff won't be described on this article.

At Minami-daito Air Port, just one hour flight from Naha.

Remarkable spots are scattering on the island which can't be believed it is really Okinawa?! My best favorite one of them is "Baribari rocks" on north. The gigantic rock split in two by land deformation is glorious and stateliness. It is surprising the impressive and dynamic global magnitude power.

Crustal shift moves Minami-daito island 7cm every year. It is known as spiritual place.

Another place where you must go to is "Hoshino-do" on north. It is one of the 120 limestone caves which scattered on the island, and the largest as 375m height and 3300 square meters of largeness. Walkway and lighting/sensors are installed, so that everyone can enjoy the fantastical and dreamy space in safety.

Hosino-do guide to prior reservation

Speaking of dynamic, the biggest artificial construct on this island is "Minami-daito Fishing Port" started building on 1999 and almost completed last year. It looks like Gibraltar, and a sight it see.

Uncommon artificially excavated port. Excavated volume of rock is same as double volume of Tokyo Dome.

Talking about man's topics, but there is tranquil view at "Hinomaru observatory" on north if island.

6th largest island, square measure of 3057km² on Okinawa

And off course, here is "Daito-Soba"! If you get hungry. Breadth 5mm and thickness 2mm of thick noodles. Combination of the noodles and bonito based soup is awesome.

"Daito-soba" 600 yen, and with Daito-Sushi for 1000 yen. Daito-soba address 134, Zaisho, Minami-daito-son, Tel 0980-22-2430

Here listed my recommended topics. And some more are shown below.

RAC "Ryukyu Air Commuter" flights are available from Naha and Kita-daito every day.

Water side scenery makes cool atmosphere.

Tower at "Ohike Ohirugi Community" on north. View of sugar cane field and pond

Plenty of water, "Ohike" the largest pond on this island. Also underground lakes are there.

A rum factory of special local product on Minami-daito, and used to be Minami-daito Air Port.

"Kaigun-bo Pool" of natural sea water. Unfortunately the pool can't be seen due to high tide.

Sugar cane field on the sea shore area.

It is not like typical Okinawa's impression. On the other hand, this is something like totally different from the other remote islands on Okinawa. There is not many places to enjoy such as stores, shops, malls. This island is good for especially frequent customers who can enjoy something old-fashioned atmosphere. In addition to it, area where an old folk house nearby Baribari Rock, variety colors of flowers are blooming.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Kiwamu Ogawa