Okinawa Tourism Information:"LabyrinthofSunflower"atPeaceMemorialPark

"Labyrinth of Sunflower" at Peace Memorial Park

post : 2016.07.12 18:00

There has been Labyrinth of Sunflower at north entrance of Peace Memorial Park in Itoman-city, south of Okinawa Island since Mar 11th, 2016.

2 meters height of 7000 sunflowers at 700 square meters of the area nearby north parking lot of north entrance. The sunflower field is labyrinth and it's free!

The opening day is 11th of Mar, that is just 5 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The species of the flowers at this field are from Fukushima where Aizu Himawari Project and Ohkuma-machi, Fukushima grew them, and presented to "Fukushima-Okinawa Kizuna Project.

The flowers are planted by kids of local preschool in Itoman-city and Yaese-cho. So there are kids from the preschools, and also parents as well. There is a kids park nearby for kids and families.

It might be difficult to clear, the course isn't so long but sunflower which is a bit higher than your eye level blocks your sight. I tried y myself and it was hard to get out.

Sometimes kids do better. I guess a key is simple, play like child or specifically to find a tall tree.

The flowers are still blooming but getting less and the sunflower fields remain until  seeds are taken. "The taken seeds will be sent to Fukushima" said staff of Okinawa Peace Memorial Financial Group.

Not only cenotaphs for WW2 victims at Peace Memorial Park, Okinawa Peace Memorial History Museum and Peace Memorial building. In addition to the places above which are popular as school trip and regular tourists, park area and multipurpose area are popular for local people. You can enjoy sunflower labyrinth and other area, and it's good to know more about Okinawa.

Sunflower Field Labyrinth: Okinawa Prefecture "Peace Memorial Park" north entrance parking area.

Available term: Mar 11th, 2016 ~ 
Open: 8:00 - 18:00
Free to enter

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura