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Superb View on Kume Island, 16th of Hiroshi Kuwamura's Photo & Column

post : 2016.07.14 18:00

I visited Kume island to gather information for Ritohaku and Okinawa CLIP. The best place to see on Kume island is Hateno-hama. I would like to go to the "Okuno-hama" of Hateno-hama, and take photos using drones. I imagine how I take photos with a drone, with the view from the sky. This is a view from air plain, JTA flight from Naha to Kume island. The pilot showed us the great view.

Look at the Hateno-hama! Not even a single tourist yet. It was quite hard to take this photo, only a few second to be able to take this view by a single-lens reflex camera. I thank the pilot because I could take this portrait view that is hard to take by drones.

Here is the drone that I take photos by at Hateno-hama. Most of the people land on "Nakano-hama" that is beautiful enough. And you need to go to Okuno-hama to take nice photos! Only one diving shop on the island helped me for that.

It is basically forbidden to use drones on the area. We fortunately could get a permission only this time so video taken by the drone will be unveiled near future at Okinawa CLIP. Please don’t miss it!

SUP articles will be on Ritohaku. I appreciate the supporters. I went straight to the spots to take photos of starry sky unlike the others(drinking) after all of my work had done. It is good time to view milky way on the sky especially at Mi-fuga.

If you take really nice photos of milky way, places with less artificial lights are better which means darkness. I was nervous in the beginning but soon got used to the dark. I also feel like I am one of the nature and one of the stars.

Rainbow showed up on the way to airport. It is rare to see it because rainbow means welcome, and I and leaving this island.

Good By! Kume Island!

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura