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Caught a Gigantic Eel on Ishigaki Island

post : 2016.07.19 18:00

A friend of mine called and said "Come to take photos, I'm going to catch gigantic eel!"

There was already a gigantic eel!!! When I got there. The eel was jumping around. I haven't seen that big eel.

The eel was floating at rice filed behind the guys above, and they just caught it by a net.

Blue eyes!

I have asked if someone want this gigantic eel such as Izakaya and eel restaurant chefs. No one wanted it……so, we decided to eat it! by BBQ next day. It was 122cm size, 6kgm, and thickness is 33cm.

On the next day, as we start BBQing then a squall came! We called it "Eel Haunting". But we started baking it anyway.

Grilled eel !

Chewy and simple taste!

This "Catch" of Gigantic Eel" was on the local newspaper. Even after the BBQ, people asked me "how was the eel?" at another restaurant. I like the locality. Gigantic eel for the first try, but I won't eat it again. It was just another new experience.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto