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Glory of the island, Taste of the island #33: Snack Pineapple

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The beginning of the summer when you feel fresh breeze, Snack Pineapples which are tropical fruits waited so long start to appear on the market. At the entrance of the market, there are waved flags said “Pineapples!” tempting the customers. When you go to the stand, eye catching signs “The best season” or “First harvested in this year” are everywhere and you cannot resist of taking one or two from the pile of Snack Pineapples.

When you go on a drive to the northern Okinawa island, “Yanbaru”, you will meet the pineapple field under the sunshine. There are some fields that allow you to actually experience a pick-up.

When you closely watch the center of succulent-like leaves with thorn, the cute pineapple appear. I was surprised when I first saw it and knowing how pineapple grow at the open field.

Snack Pineapples grow in Kunigami Village, Higashi Village, Yagaji jima, Ginoza Village and Kin Town etc. along middle Okinawa to northern Okinawa and, on remote islands, Ishigaki island and Iriomote Island. Harvest season is one to two months from the first day of summer. They are valuable fruits you can enjoy now.

There is one of pineapple breeds called “Bogor” is torn off by hands like snacks. From this reason, it is known for “Snack Pineapple”. Its features are less sourness and has strong sweetness. They are popular among kids and people who is not enjoy sourness.

There are two kinds of Snack Pineapple; Orange color is usually considered as ripen. Green and Yellow gradation. Normal pineapples have to wait to turn orange from green to eat but Snack Pineapples are eatable when they are on the market. You don’t need to be confused by the color to enjoy them. Even so, my family wait till it gets orange and is fragrant with sweet smell. Nothing is exact with smell. The sweet fragrance spread in the room is telling you it’s time to eat.

“Tearing off to eat” doesn’t ring a bell for who never had Snack Pineapples before. But don’t worry. It easily tears off by nailing to small round bunch of Snack Pineapple. You will enjoy spreading sweetness without sourness in full of mouth. This taste is “unstoppable” and when you realize you are eating a whole pineapple. The local kids are good at tearing them off and keep eating without saying a word. It is your choice to tear off one by one in small pieces or bring big pieces into your mouth.

Another good feature of Snack Pineapple is tender pulp. As you can see in the picture, you can even eat the core.

You’ll finish eating in no time!
You can buy Snack Pineapples at grocery stores, JA markets and Michino-Eki with reasonable price on Okinawa island. If you don’t live in Okinawa, you can visit the website of the internet shopping of Snack Pineapples or an exhibition of the product of Okinawa to enjoy the taste of Snack Pineapples at your house. Please do try the fruit you can enjoy by tearing off from the first day of the summer!

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