Okinawa Tourism Information:YonaguniIsland,WesternmostPointofJapan

Yonaguni Island, Westernmost Point of Japan

post : 2016.07.22 18:00

Yaeyama islands consist of Ishigaki, Taketomi, Iriomote, and Hateruma. Yonaguni of those, looks like special.

Yonaguni located at westernmost point of Japan. It is 117km away from Ishigaki and 111km away from Taiwan, and takes 30 minutes by air plain/4 hours by ship. It is actually Taiwan is closer than Ishigaki. Yonaguni is surrounded by bluff, and deep blue sea. It is just 30 minutes away from Ishigaki, looks different from other islands. I always look around the island by bike so that I can feel the wind.

Spots to see around on Yonaguni are spiritual places. One of them is Tachigami-iwa. Nice view from viewing place.

Sun set view from the westernmost place, Irizaki

View from Tinda-bana, Sonai area and Nanta beach.

I recommend Rokujo beach! It's not easy to get there but viewing from far away is good.

You can meet Yonaguni horses at Agari-zaki and around Minami pasture. Accent that they speak is something different from people on other islands. This is what I feel I'm on Yonaguni and something special. "Which island do you recommend?" if I was asked, answer is "Yonaguni". Even for Okinawa freak, Yonaguni is not easy place to go, but I will say "Please try Yonaguni!"

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto