Okinawa Tourism Information:KudakaIsland,UntouchedBeachRemains,FascinatedViewofOceanandNightSky

Kudaka Island, Untouched Beach Remains, Fascinated View of Ocean and Night Sky

post : 2016.07.23 18:00

6 regular liner services per day from mainland Okinawa to Kudaka island where untouched beaches remain.

The Earth goes around the Sun to rotate 1 year, and the Moon around the Earth as well. The Earth is pulled by gravity which makes tide goes up and down. The view of the tide tells the rhythm of the universe. When clear sky with no wind and low tide, water surface mirrors the sky.

Full moon and path of light appear at the time sun sets.

New moon, at midnight and low tide, people enjoy gathering clams.

Down purple sky at twilight

Sun set, sky and ocean, every single sand get all pink.

The nature shows different expression every moment, and people feel it's beautiful. Because of checkered history and holy activities, this island is called "God's island"(Kamino-shima). People have been living and praying to God. People grow with the spiritual culture.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Aya Asakura