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Meet Colorful Variety of Fish! Spot to Enjoy Snorkeling

post : 2016.07.27 18:00

Speaking of emerald green sea on Okinawa is marine activities . Viewing beautiful coral reef and fish is available if you dive. Not only diving but snorkeling is recommended for people who have worry about diving. You can see coral reef and fish by snorkeling on Okinawa. Here are snorkeling spots to see colorful fish.

Snorkeling at Kerama Blue Beach

Kerama islands designated as National Park on 2014, is easily accessible from Naha by ferry. The sea on Kerama is called Kerama Blue. The Clearness of the sea is special. On the one of the islands, Furuzamami beach on Zamami island is popular one.

If you step into the water on the beach, it will be soon 2-3 meters of depth of the sea. Because of the gap at bottom of the sea, variety of colorful fish is there. Even swimming with a floating tube, clear sea shows you fish. Shops, shower facilities, rental equipment of marine activities area available, so just to enjoy snorkeling!

Furu-Zamami beach information
Address: Aza-Furuzamami, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa zip code 901-3402
Tel: 098-987-2277 Zamami city office

Surf Fishing at "Ohdohama Beach" popular for local people.

"Ohdohama beach" on Itoman-city, south of Okinawa is popular among local people, and known as surf fishing and bathing available beach. 200 meters of the shoaling beach is like a natural pool when low tide. This is good "pool" to play for children.

Make sure to wear shoes and gloves to protect from rock shore.

Ohdohama beach information
Address: 240-7 Ohdo, Itoman-city, Okinawa

"Bisezaki Beach" Enjoy with Chura-umi Aquarium

"Bisezaki beach" is a few minutes away from "Chura-umi" aquarium, one of the most famous spots to see on Okinawa. Butterfly fish, damselfish, and colorful fish  are there to see at the natural pool of which rock shore becomes when low tide.

Study first about fish at Chura-umi aquarium and snorkel, or Snorkel first and study! Either way would great experience for children.

Bisezaki beach information
Address: Aza-Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Snorkeling at Inland Sea, Seaside Park

Several beaches on Miyako island where is one hour flight away from Naha. "Imugya Marine Garden" is one of the beaches to enjoy snorkel.

There is no wave coming from outer sea, and it's calm like a pool. Even children can enjoy snorkeling. There are boardwalk and viewing place take a walk.

Imugya Marine Garden information
Address: 605-2 Gusukube-tomori, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-73-1881 Miyakojima tourist agency

Popular Snorkeling Spot on Bridged Shimoji Island

Popular snorkeling spot on Shimoji island, one of the Miyako islands. To get there is going to Irabu island crossing Irabu bridge and another bridge to Shimoji island. "Nakano-shima beach" is located on southwest of the island by the street. There is no shops or shower facility at the beach. It is natural beach so that variety of coral reef and colorful fish are welcome you. 

You will be able to see fish and coral reef soon after step into the beach, but much more than that is around the big rock middle of the gulf. It is said that more than 100 kinds of fish are around the area. Natural aquarium is there.

Nakano-shima beach information
Address: Sawada, Irabu, Miyako-city, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-73-1881 Miyako tourist agency

Here listed spots to enjoy snorkeling on Okinawa. Please make sure to be safe and go with at least 2 people especially no lifeguards around, and prepare water, parasols, and equipment that you need. And moreover checking weather forecast will be important. Be safe and enjoy snorkeling!

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