Okinawa Tourism Information:KumeIsland,DynamicViewfrom"Torinokuchi"

Kume Island, Dynamic View from "Torinokuchi"

post : 2016.07.30 18:00

Kume island has different aspect of view such as shining beach,  green mountains, and tranquil sight of sugar cane field. Dynamic view on of them on south of the island.

This is where the entrance of "Torinokuchi", rock looks like bird's beak. 10 minutes walk from parking lot, you 'll get there.

Rough cliff view from Prefectural Tokujimu Park looks something like foreign atmosphere.

Walking on the path, spots of nice view around the area.

One island floated one the sea is called "Tonbara" viewable from several places from Kume island.

This is the rock, the shape is like bird's beak raising head.

It seems mysterious spiritual power would be given. The area of Torinokuchi is called "Whale Watching Hill". You might be able to watch whales in winter season. Some friends of mine on the island have seen it recently.

Tokujimu park
40minute drive from Kumejima air port.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto