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Recommended Bakeries When Driving

post : 2016.07.31 08:00

It is convenient to tour around Okinawa by car. Driving to feel the wind by coast side is one of the best parts of Okinawa. Many bakeries stuck with something in Okinawa. It is good to go on a tour of bakeries.

Even one bagel fills up with your stomach and heart.

Speaking of popular driving spots on route 58, beaches, restaurants, antique furniture stores for tourists are known. One bakery is on route 58 is "cactus eatrip", specialized specialized for bagels.

cactus eatrip
Address: 3-3-7, Ohyama, Ginowan, Okinawa
Tel: 098-8890-6601

A little little bakery with handmade stone oven and firewood

Going up north route 58 from cactus eatrip, a little bakery is located on the area of "Higashionna Tropical guest house" near famous spot Manza beach and Manza-mou.

"Mugiyakiya" bakes risen break of Ie-jima produced wheat in the handmade stone oven and firewood. They use home grown domestic produced foods as possible as they can. Bread baked by the stone oven gives crunchy and chewy texture. The most popular bread is "Ie-jima campagne. I'll recommend to go soon after they open if you really want one. It might be sold out right away because they don't bake a lot.

Customers with children are happy with the garden, in addition to it, great view from the window and several kinds of horse riding services are available.

Address: 6486-3, Onna, Onna-son, Okinawa
Tel: 098-966-8091

Throbbing Danish Box

"BOULANGERIE Zazou PATISSERIE loved by local and tourist people, opened in 1989. It often happens that all the bread on the shelf is sold out by lunch time.(don't worry replenished soon)

Stuffed buns made from Okinawa local grown foods, baguette bread, and of course "Danish box" looks even delicious are recommended. Can't even choose one. Please enjoy the taste while driving at beach.

Address: 2-15-1, Chuo, Okinawa-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-934-2380

Introduced three recommended bakeries. I hope you can find your favorite bakery.

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