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Popular Snacks of Okinawa Over Generations

post : 2016.07.31 18:00

Simple but must eat. We introduce popular snacks among young and old people in Okinawa. Easy to buy at supermarkets and probably be stocked every house. 

"Umukuji Tenpura" Welcome Snack for Old and Young Alike

Umukuji tenpura is on table when family things or where local community people gather. Almost all people in Okinawa have eaten this. This is popular Okinawa's local cuisine. Umukuji tenpura is made from starch of Satsuma-imo and Beni-imo, and loved people. Chewy texture and sweet taste make you satisfied.

Umukuji tenpura is popular snack like the other kinds of tenpura in Okinawa. Hot and freshly-fried tenpuras are sold at local stores.

Chinsukou, Commonly Known Traditional Snack

Speaking of snacks in Okinawa, Chinsukou is famous snack, but traditional one. Traditional chinsukou is round type made at "Ryukyu Meika Kugani Kashi Honten". It's all handmade and additive-free with crunchy and delicious taste. It's used for souvenir for tourists.

Ryukyu Meika Kugani Kashi Honten
Address: 1-14-19 Mekaru, Naha-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-860-7274

"Tannafakuru", Over Generations Over 100 Years

Tannafakuru is seen on shelves near cashier at supermarkets, and often bought even if you were not going to buy. Soft and sweet brown sugar lump flavor is loved among people over generations. Unfamiliar name for non-Okinawan people is from meaning of "suntanned Tamanaha" who is founder of its company.

Take the snack for trip or with late breakfast. It's delicious with milk, taste something between biscuit and bread.

Marutama Seika
Address: 1-3-35 Makishi, Naha-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-867-2567

Introduced 3 major snacks in Okinawa. Sata-andagi and Kippan are famous, but 3 listed above are comfortable and simple taste as they are loved. Other snacks also are available at supermarkets. It's good for gifts!

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