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Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run 2014

post : 2014.03.17 18:00

The Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run, marking its 5th year, is a bicycle tour event that has as its stage the central part of Okinawa prefecture, richly endowed with nature, and its aim is to make it possible to enjoy the scenery and interact with the local people.


This year, this big event was held on January 19th and gathered the historical record of more than 2,000 participants. And the entrants from other countries numbered 188, reflecting its high popularity.


In order to be enjoyed by all the bicycle fans according to their experience and physical strength, three courses are available: the Century Course, running a distance of 160km; the Kouri Island Sakura Course, where about 80% of the route is along the sea, and it is possible to admire the earliest cherry blossoms of the country; and the Sweets Course, which is mostly flat, making it great for beginners. 


This time we covered the Kouri Island Sakura Course, the one with the most participants.


Going north along the course with a fabulous view of the sea, we run through streets of Okinawan taste.

At the aid stations on the way, sata andagi (doughnut-like sweets), kamaboko (a kind of surimi), brown sugar, and chinsuko (Okinawan biscuits) support the strength and energy of the participants.

Then, passing the halfway point, when we begin to feel exhausted, the big Kouri Bridge finally comes into view.

While gazing at the magnificent and rewarding view, the pedals get lighter and we cross the bridge.

We make a tour of Kouri Island, with its rich atmosphere.

A little bloom of spring, the nanohana flowers (field mustard) give us a supportive push.

Toward the end of the course approaching the mountain ravines, another protagonist of the day, the earliest cherry blossoms of the country, welcomes us.

The color of the cherry blossoms in Okinawa is an intense pink. Sometimes the cyclists stop their pedals and gaze at the lovely and soft cherry blossoms.

The lunch, to which many people were looking forward, is all-you-can-eat Okinawan cuisine. Everyone is greatly satisfied with jushi (Okinawan style seasoned rice), daikon irichi (a stir-fried dish), simmered tebichi (pig's trotters), Okinawa soba, curry, and more.

The participants, after having fully enjoyed the sea, cherry blossoms, streets and various scenery, reach the goal one after another, with a feeling of accomplishment but also some reluctance. 


Mr. and Mrs. Sawa, from Mie prefecture, participate for their second time.

The previous time, Mr. Sawa chose the Century Course and Mrs. Sawa the Sweets Course, but for this event they participate together in the Kouri Island Sakura Course. Blessed by the good weather and having thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the cycling, they comment with a smile that they will surely participate next time too.


If you are a bicycle lover, how about experiencing the wonderful nature of Okinawa through a bicycle tour at next year's event?



Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run 2014


Date: January 19, 2014 (Sun)

Route: Onna Village, Nago City, Uruma City, Nakijin Village, Motobu Town, Ginoza Village, Kin Town, Yomitan Village, Kadena Town

Organizer: Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run Executive Committee

Registrants: 2,005

Application period: September 1 - November 30, 2013


*Please check the homepage for information about the next event date.


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