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Okinawa Taste, Unique Signboard of Slogan

post : 2016.08.15 18:00

Car society of Okinawa, you might be irritated by traffic jams when driving especially rush hour. The unique signboards soften your heart. Some of them are on the street on Maehara, Ginowan-city. 

Here is first one. "Walk to lose your weight and to ease traffic jam".

Walking  helps to ease traffic and lose your weight. "Jyu-tai"(means traffic in Japanese) is pun for "Tai-Jyu"(weight).

Making a play on words, you might get the butterflies.

"Car accident collided head-on, meeting a nice guy?"

Car accident collided head-on(Deai-gashira) and meeting(Deai kashira). Romantic meeting is nice, but accident.

"Trash, cans, cigarette butts, are all you trash. I pick them up silently.

Silently means "mokumokuto" in Japanese sounds like smoke in Japanese. And the Kanji "拾う" "捨てる" looks alike but means opposite, "trash" and "pick up".

Lock-up enlightenment series!

"Lock up the house! Daihyo-tojimari yaku"(lock up)

Tojimari is pun for Torishimari(president) yaku. Check if your house is lock up.  Oops, I am "Torimidashi yaku(unbalanced person).

Lock-up enlightenment series! Part 2

"Be careful with sneak thief, and ah, kiss".

Sneak thief means "Akisu" in Japanese sounds like a kiss, and also be careful means "chu-I" sounds like kiss in Japanese.

Locking up your house is important. And also a kiss as well.

Another one which is my favorite.

"Take good care of elder people, tile-breaking for Karate".

Good care means "Itawarou" which sounds same with breaking tile.

A phrase for morning at Samashita area next to Maehara area.

"Good morning everyone at Samashita area"

"Samashita" means to wake up in Japanese, a greeting for people at Samashita area.

2nd phrase for morning.

"Morning meeting is good and Cho-de as well".

"Cho-de" means brothers in dialect of Okinawa. One of the proverbs of Okinawa is "Ichariba cho-de" which means once you meet new people, he/she will be your brother/sister. Another one I saw was "Kaze hikanaide, sanshin hikou" means don’t catch a cold and play sanshin.

How would you like it? Leaders of Maehara area started this unique boards, and signboard promotion community continues. You might be able to see unique signboards not only this area, but all around Okinawa. Please check when you drive. Oops, rainbow in the sky when I look up. I hope this nice feeling will spread(Densen which means electrical wire).

Okinawa CLIP Photographer Naoko Tsuruta