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North to South, Traveling to the Lost World, on East Coast Yanbaru, North of Okinawa

post : 2016.08.22 18:00

My best favorite is remote islands, but on main island Okinawa, Yanbaru is best area to go. I had many chances to visit remote islands last year which means that I haven't been Yanbaru recently unlike 2 years ago. I guess last time I visit there was May, 2014. For this year, northernmost point that I have visited was Nago. A work on Kunigami-son has come to me and fortunately could have a change to go north of Nago.

Sosu area where a kilometers from Oku area, going from route 58. Light of sunrise is something fresh and difference from sunset.

Trying to shoot sunrise, but unfortunately it was in the clouds.

Yanbaru-kuina biological exhibition learning facility where I have been trying to go. The cuteness of "Kyonkyon"(female) is noteworthy.

Yasuda area, where "Ashagi" traditional house is used for "Yasuda no Shinugu" of traditional event having 400 years of history.

View from Yasuda area, an aspect of east coast is dynamic geography.

A story of pigs-run-away made a signboard.

Entering to Higashi-son, Fukuchi dam which is constructed be concrete. The contract of green nature and concrete is something surreal.

Gesashi gulf, the gradation of emerald green is unforgettable.

Speaking of Higashi-son, the most producing area of pineapples. The scenery seen from summer to fall is tropical.

The view of big and small rocks on the sea, "Teniya cape".

The beach doesn't look like typical Okinawa's beaches.

A must to see thing is unknown phantasmal spot of superb view, "dugong hill". There is no signboard nor guide. Only the way you can go is animal trail for about 20 minutes walk. There will be wordless and fantastic view.

Southeast wind on winter season in Okinawa basically makes harder for windsurfing and other marine activities. Otherwise, at Ohura gulf, on east coast on north of Okinawa, sea condition is calm. It will attract attention among people enjoy marine activities on winter. I hope that the nature remains forever.

Forgotten outland, unpopular and undeveloped nature. There is still something lost but Yanbaru and other remote islands. If you are tired of scenic views of resort on west coast, why don't you enjoy the east coast which might give you a time travel.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)

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