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Spots to enjoy in Okinawa When Raining

post : 2016.08.25 18:00

Blue sky and ocean are the major things that tourists think of Okinawa. They are not always enjoyable especially when typhoon, rain, or even winter season. Spots that you can enjoy when bad weather condition are listed below.

Children to adults, no motter what the weather is, "Churaumi Aquarium"

Whale shark and manta swimming in the "Kuroshio ocean"(black stream), 7,500 square meters aquarium. "Sango ocean", is reproduction of natural ocean of Motobu."Tropical ocean", shows fish and other creatures living in ocean of shallow to underwater cave. You can enjoy all "ocean" at Churaumi aquarium which is basic spot to travel Okinawa.

You can touch starfish and trepang at "touch pool", which is popular for children. Kids like more of "Oki chan show house" where dolphins perform outside, but bring umbrella when rain.

Churaumi aquarium
Address: 424 Aza-Ishikara, Motobu-cho, Okinawa
Tel: 0980-48-3748


Nature, History, and Food, All You Can Enjoy in a Day, at Theme Park

"Okinawa World" located on Nanjo-city 30 minutes drive from Naha air port, is place you can enjoy nature, culture, and history of Okinawa. Limestone cave, "Gyokusendo" of coral is a sight to see. It is one of the biggest limestone caves having largest number of stalactites, and designated as national natural monument. The limestone has 3 hundred thousand years of history made me feel the mystery of the earth.

"Ryukyu Glass Crafts Shop" where you can make Ryuku glass. "Ryukyu Kingdom Castletown which duplicate Shuri castletown using over 100 years old traditional houses. Traditional crafts such as weaving, paper pressing, Bingata, and indigo dyeing are also available. Habu museum park is something to remember. How about photos of you and habu? You can eat at "Healthy buffet, Chura-shima" if you are hungry.

Okinawa World:
Address: 1336 Tamagusukumaekawa, Nanjo-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-949-7421


"Ku-su no mori" Chu-ko-gura, Experience of Taste, Hand-made, and Tour of Inspection

10 minutes from Naha air port to "Ku-su no mori" in Tomigusuku-city, where you can observe for free, started 67 years ago with 3 generations. Watching DVD to learn the basics and go on a tour. Not only awamori, but also crafting area of crocks for awamori is part of the tour.

Awamori tasting of 30 kinds after the tour. It is recommended to taste one with mango yeast. The flavor is so sweet that can't be thought of awamori. Vintage awamori of 5, 10, and 15 years are also recommended if you are interested.(you need to pay for those) You can make awamori by yourself, and takes about 2 hours.(need to reserve).

Ku-su no mori, Chu-ko-gura
Address: 132 Nakachi, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-850-1257


Make a Souvenir by Yourself

Experience of "Bingata" and "Coral dye" are available at Shuri-ryusen near Shuri castle. Popular coral dye uses fossil of coral to paint T-shirts, shawls, and tote bags. It's quite easy to make. Pick one of the coral and put your favorite color on it.

If any seat available on the day, they will accept, but it's better to give a call and reserve. And if weather forecast shows rain, you should try it!

Shuri ryusen
Address: 1-54 Yamakawa-cho, Shuri, Naha-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-886-1131


Viewing Ocean, Reflesh at Natural Hot Spring

Hot springs in Okinawa. "Ryujin no Yu" is pumping spring which is filled up with hot water from 1,000 meters below ground at "Ryukyu Onsen Senaga-jima Hotel", on Senaga-jima 10 minutes drive from Naha air port. Outdoor hot spring bath of Rock bath, Stand up bath, and laying bath are available. Some of them with roof are available even rain.

Hot spring with great view of ocean is too nice for words. You can enjoy sunset at hot spring or even stormy sea. Hot spring quality is sodium monochloride chloride spring. Reflesh your tired bodt by hot spring, and actively enjoy rest of your trip.

Ryukyu Onsen Senaga-jima Hotel
Address: 174-5 Aza-senaga, Tomigusuku-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-851-7077

How do you like those? Spots to enjoy even rainy season are listed. Enjoy them when rain!

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