Terms of Use for OKINAWA CLIP

Term of Use

* Upon use, please be sure to check the following terms and conditions.

Article 1 (Purpose and application of the Terms of Use)

These terms of use apply to the Okinawa information service (hereafter, our Service) provided by OKINAWA CELLULAR AGRI & MARCHE CORPORATION (hereafter, the Company), and defines the relationship between our SNS Site like Facebook Pages or websites (hereafter, our Sites) operated by the Company in order to provide this Service, the terms that must be observed by all customers who use our Sites, and the Company. The Company may also modify these Terms without prior or post notice. All modifications will be posted on our Sites, and by continuing to access or use our Service after we have posted a modification to these Terms, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms.

Further, accompanying the above Terms of Use, stipulations for separate terms (hereafter, Separate Terms) may be set. In this case, the Separate Terms will be treated as a part of these Terms, and in case of any conflicts between these Terms and the Separate Terms, the Separate Terms shall take precedence over these Terms.

Article 2 (Using our Service and responsibility of risk)

The Service is a service for you to view, use, and enjoy articles regarding information on restaurants, tourist attractions, or merchandise sales, and special offers and coupons in Okinawa provided on our Sites by the Company. Upon use of our Service, you agree that the Company is not responsible for any liabilities that may occur, regardless of how the Service is used. Unless otherwise specified by Separate Terms, all information, contents, materials, goods, and services you can use through our Sites and our Service are provided by the Company as is and to the extent that they can be provided. The Company, unless otherwise specified by Separate Terms, does not represent or warrant in any way, explicitly or implicitly, the operation of our Sites and information, contents, materials, and goods listed on our Sites. You expressly agree to take sole responsibility for using our Service.

Furthermore, you assume that in using our Service, you may need to register an account that will be held on social media provided by Facebook, Inc., etc. In such cases, difficulties may occur upon using our Service due to failures in those services, restrictions of use, and/or restrictions or defects of third party applications for using those services. The Company will hold no responsibility in the above mentioned cases as well. Additionally, the Company similarly holds no responsibility for posts related to our Service on such social media sites or any and all liability relating thereto. You shall be responsible for the means of communication necessary to use our Service, information devices, software, etc., including all associated costs.

Article 3 (Regarding suspension of service)

The Company may stop this Service without notice due to maintenance of the Service, system, design, and/or other modifying work. Further, services may also similarly be stopped temporarily or permanently due to failure or maintenance of systems required for the operation of our Service, as well as accidents and natural disasters. In such cases, the Company will hold no responsibility for any and all liability relating thereto.

Article 4 (The handling of personal information)

The Company is deeply aware of the importance of personal information on our Service, and, considering the thorough protection of it as our largest responsibility, we aim to disseminate the internal regulations of our Company and strive to protect personal information on an ongoing basis, while having all employees and officers adhere to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all related laws and regulations for you to use our Service with confidence.

The personal information from customers collected and the use of such information is as written below.

The Company will give personal information to third parties for the following purposes. In such circumstances, we will appropriately manage and oversee it so that it is not used for unintended purposes.

If personal information handled by this company is given to an outside party, that party will be rigorously investigated and overseen as necessary to keep the information private.

In relation to personal information, the Company will handle requests, within a reasonable range, for the use of information or disclosure of items, corrections, additions, deletions, suspension of use or opting out, and complete deletion from the person or a proxy. The procedures for such are written below. However, if public interest or other interests can be harmed by the existence of the information, the information will not be disclosed.

For release and other such procedures, call the Personal Information Desk at our Company and tell them what procedures you would like to undergo. The Company will send the appropriate form to the specified address. After the document arrives, fill out the necessary information, and as a fee for the release of personal information, purchase a 430 yen postal stamp as well as send a copy of a photo ID, such as a Driver’s license or passport, or copies of two types of official IDs such as health insurance or family register in the same envelope. In that case, please fill in your permanent address before sending. If a proxy makes the request, if it is a legal proxy, a copy of an official certificate showing legal representation from the proxy is necessary, and if it is a request from an authorized proxy, then the authorization form prescribed by the Company needs to be submitted.
The answer will be made in writing. We will not answer by telephone.

Personal Information Desk
Okinawa CLIP Editing Department
Operating Hours: Weekdays 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The Company will collect cookies from devices and phone information. This is to analyze usage, to make the service easier to use, and to improve the site. The analysis will be done using a Google Inc. service, but the data will be taken anonymously, so as not to identify users.

For complaints and inquiries regarding the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact the aforementioned Personal Information Desk.

Article 5 (Regarding Prohibited Acts)

The following acts are not permitted by users of this service.

In the event of one or more of the above prohibited acts being found, the Company will, without prior notice, suspend the service of the user(s) concerned, delete the corresponding information, comment, etc., or carry out any other action deemed necessary. Furthermore, the appropriate legal action will be taken as necessary, including providing information to relevant ministries, agencies, or public authorities.

Article 6 (Copyright/Intellectual property rights)

The copyright and any other intellectual property related rights to the information (including images, videos, text, photographs, programs, etc.) of our Service as well as our Sites are granted only to the Company or rights holders authorized by the company.

Article 7 (Citing articles and others)

To cite contents from our website, please follow Article 32 of the Copyright Act. Following cases are not acceptable except gaining the consent of Okinawa CLIP.

< Notice Regarding Citing >

To cite articles and others from our website, please observe the following points.

*Please contact Okinawa CLIP editorial team via e-mail in advance. Contact information is on the bottom of this page (Please contact us if you wish to link our website without citing any information.)

*Be sure to follow the Term of Use (TOU).
*Regarding the specific rules for citation, follow the rule to cite contents of Okinawa CLIP.

Article 8 (Regarding compensation for damages)

In cases of users, viewers, etc. of our Service in violation of these Terms or who have caused harm or loss to the Company or a third party, the Company will request compensation for damages from relevant parties.

Article 9 (The validity of this agreement)

Even if part of these Terms are rendered invalid under judgment of law, the other provisions under these Terms will remain valid. If a part of these Terms are rendered invalid for a specific user or legal entity, for other users and legal entities, the Terms will remain in effect.

The Consumer Contract Act (2000, Article No. 61) Article 2 Paragraph 3 regarding consumer contracts shall not be applied to these or other terms and conditions where the company is immune from liability. In such cases, if damages occur for a user, due to the company‘s default or illegal act, the company will be held liable with the maximum compensation limit being the direct amount of damages the user has sustained.

Article 10 (Regarding applicable law and court jurisdiction)

These Terms are applicable under Japanese law, and should be interpreted as such. If any dispute between the Company, users, as well as product manufacturers arises, the Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

< Inquiry >

Regarding inquiry on citation, link, advertisement, collaborative project, delating articles, or changed contents, please contact Okinawa CLIP editorial team via e-mail from here.

Enacted 3 July, 2013
Revised 15 June, 2015 (added Article 7)