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Neo Park Okinawa

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The northern region of Okinawa Prefecture called “Yanbaru” is blessed with lush green nature.
Neo Park Okinawa (Nago Natural Zoological and Botanical Park) takes advantage of the regions bountiful nature and allows feeding, walking and other interaction with the animals, making it a zoo with extravagantly wide spaces.

When leaving the giant rock-shaped main house, the flamingo lake is spread out before you where you’re greeted by the free-roaming flamingos, pelicans and other birds.
Different from birds confined to small cages, this place has the appearance of someplace elegant.

Food for the birds is sold close by the lake, and if you put some on your hand, a grey crowned crane will come up and skillfully scoop the food out of your palm.

Past the lake there’s an underwater tunnel where from inside the tunnel you can see a giant 2 meter long pirarucu fish swimming around.
Walking through the forest, made to look like the Amazonian jungle, and thinking at first a big fat turkey is heavily walking about, the figure of a rare white peacock may emerge.
And when scarlet ibises, birds of a breathtaking scarlet, walk in the forest in a flock, you’ll want to chase after them.

In the petting square where you can ride ponies, you can let your child have fun riding safely while slowly being led by a staff member.

Not limited to just birds, you can also see up close an animal called a llama, a relative of animals like peccaries and camels.

In the flowers of Oceania at the bird corner you can see peacocks with there luxurious tail feathers hanging down and the emerald and lapis color of the drawn in feathers are breathtakingly beautiful.

Outside of animals there are various plants to be enjoyed, like the tall cacti and the silk floss tree, whose pink color contracts beautifully with a clear sky.

The Okinawa Light Rail has been running since the Taisho Era. The plan was to have it go from Yonabaru in the south to Yanbaru in the north however it ends at Kadena Station and was able be not connected to Yanbaru.

At the same time Nago Station, built in Neo Park, became a far off dream a locomotive was introduced, revived and ran. On the light rail you can slowly ride around and see the park which is popular with the elderly and those with children.

At the Neo Park International Preservation Research Center within the park, there is the natural monument the Okinawa rail from Okinawa,


and the toucan with its large yellow bill from the Amazonian jungle.

At the lake inside the center in middle there is a monkey island and they come and go from the shack, and on the occassion that they pose it is really cute.

Neo Park Okinawa

Address: 4607-41 Nago, Nago City
Park Operating Hours: 9:00am-5:30pm (Last Entry 5:00pm)
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4607-41 Nago, Nago City