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Boar Hunting in Iriomote

post : 2016.08.30 18:00

Ryukyu-islands, the area of Amami to Yaeyama where wild boar live. They live only Ishigaki and Iriomote islands on Yaeyama area, and have been eaten as one of the precious nutrition of protein. For 3 month of hunting season starts on Nov 15th, 2015. The men go into mountain for hunting. "Kamai" mean boar in dialect of Iriomote. Man are considered full-fledged once he catch a boar in Iriomote. Frying or in soup are good, but Sashimi is best to eat. Fresh sashimi of boar is great only for this season. I had a chance to go on a boar hunting a few years ago.

Going by light-automobile through rough road, and walk on a path in jungle. I was a bit nervous whether seeing boars or not. Two expert guides are leading the path.

It's like digging my way. Trees, grasses, rocks are all around, climbing up steep ground. I barely follow the guide even they walk slowly for me. I struggled walking not to lose my way.

Rivers are so clear.

Traps are simple and primitive using leaves and branches. Checking every single trap. There are some footprints that seems new. Right after checking a trap, and set a new one at the same time. A boar was caught in a trap after 2 hours walking and checking. Most careful moment is when releasing. They might run wild and hurt you .

Small boar about 15 kilograms and 7 month old. Bind legs and mouth to carry them. Walking some more points to check carrying the wiggling boar.

The hunting ended up for 4 hours which is shorter than usual. They often catch 5 boars in one time. Some people camp for 3 days to hunt. I carry the wiggling on my back, and it makes me think of what the meaning of taking a life. It's tough experience and I ate it later. You can eat boar meat at izakaya on hunting season. Please try gibier.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto