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Hat of Red-tiled Roof, T-shirt of Okinawa Map, New Souvenir

post : 2016.09.26 06:00

I sometimes see scenery of houses of red-tiled roof with cumulonimbus cloud on background when walking back street. Red tiled roof and white lime plaster, grasses and flowers sprout out from cracks in the tiles. Shisa is looking at people watching the view not be able to see out of Okinawa.

Red tiles used for traditional Okinawa's folk houses, one of the icons of Okinawa such as Sanshin, hibiscus, Ishiganto, coral, and Okinawa rain. "Shima-boushi", Red-tiled Hat is designed all of them. "Protect you from the sun and specters", tulip-shaped hat.

Red tiles imbibe rain water, vaporized by heat from the sun, and adjust the temperature. Shisa is protective deity. Tulip-shaped hat has two of them and shines blue lining like sky.

"I would like to keep the missing scenery by wearing the hats". Mr. Yasunobu Ikeshiro and his brother Yasushi Ikeshiro who produce new style hat and also "Ica rice". What they want to do in the future is to fill up with the "Red tiles".

"Maps Okinawa Tee". Mr. Ikeshiro and his best friend Masahiro Agena, owner of Komashira-design" produce this T-shirt designed map of Okinawa.

3 types of T-shirts, Naha, Nago/Motobu, and Ishigaki. Recommended tourist spots and landmarks are on the T-shirts. This makes easy to ask the way to local people when you go on a trip. Another good thing of the T-shirts is to have chances to get friends.

Local people rarely look at local souvenirs. I would like to make T-shirts that local people want to were and even tourists.

The design has to be fun and impracticable. Mr. Ikeshiro and Mr. Agena design again and again to make the best one. New Okinawa's souvenirs, "Red-tiled hat", and "MAPs Okinawa Tee". It's cool and loose with a lot of Okinawan taste. Please try it if you see at stores and/or airport.

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Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Nobuya Fukuda