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Only for Summer, Ice Cream Bar at "ON OFF YES NO"

post : 2016.09.26 18:00

I get attracted by phrases of "only for" such as only for this month and only 10 items. Every time I see that, I have zero patience for that.

There is ice cream bar only for summer at "ON OFF YES NO", cold-pressed juice shop near Noren market where is just about 10 minutes walk from Kokusai St.

Cold pressed juice is that juice of non-heated pressed fruits and vegetables. It's mild and palatable taste with vitamins and enzyme. They provide freshly-pressed juice of Okinawa produced organic fruits and vegetables.

Showcase on summer season contains tropical fruits such as watermelons, pineapples, dragon fruits, papaya which are going to be juice.

The taste of the fruits are condensed into ice cream bar which is only available for summer. Pop, two-toned color, and "ice cream bar of juice shop" attract me. Each of 3 kind of ice cream bars are two-toned with double taste. Starting from left, "Veggie rainbow" of full of vegie, "Okinawa sun" of vivid color of dragon fruit, and "Sweet cloud" of slight chocolate taste.

Each one has different textures. Melty ice is also great. Unpigmented and 100% natural with no sugar but sweet flavor. Original quick-freeze keeps the flavor. Only juice shop handling fresh and natural foods, can do this.

This ice cream bar got popular among all age groups when debuted at an event. Requests made this menu only for summer. I am a big fan of "Sweet cloud". The flavor of cacao, banana, and almond is exquisite.

This is limited time offer, "Cold pressed juice"("limited time" knocking me out"). Left one is "Wheatgrass au lait" made from wheatgrass that detox, and right one is "Pink flamingo" which contains Okinawa-produced pineapples and watermelons. 6 kinds of regular juice and limited time menus that you can enjoy every time you go. Ice cream bars using seasonal fruits can give you taste of Okinawa.

A couple of owners are waiting for you!

Address: 2-1-23 Higawa, Naha, Okinawa
Tel: 098-987-4143
Open: 07:00 - 17:00
Close: Mon and Tue

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Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Akiko Ono