Okinawa Tourism Information:[TheWorldofSeaofOkinawa]SnorkelingTourtoEnjoy"HatenoHama",GreatViewofKumeIsland

[The World of Sea of Okinawa] Snorkeling Tour to Enjoy "Hateno Hama", Great View of Kume Island

post : 2016.09.28 18:00

Snorkeling tour is recommended at Hateno Hama which is representative great view on Kume island."3 hour tour like paradise for tourists is introduced at "Okino Hama" which is even special at Hateno Hama. And also snorkeling lecture is provided.

Hateno Hama consist of Maeno Hama, Nakano Hama, and Okino Hama with total 7 km shore, and called the whole area "Hateno Hama". Okino Hama is mainly shown on the tourism posters of Kume island. There is tour to get Okino Hama only provided by I-fu sports club at I-fu hotel.

Picnic snorkeling plan is recommended only available summer season(by Oct) to enjoy Hateno Hama. Snorkeling lecture to swim safe(to spot by boat), life jacket, snorkeling goods, and parasol with chairs even lunch will be included.

Meeting at club house(I-fu sports club)  behind I-fu beach hotel at 9am, and heading to Okuno Hama which takes 30 minutes. The Contrast of blue sky and white sand beach shines.

A parasol and chairs are provided for you after getting Hateno Hama. (You will need somewhere shade)

Lecture will be started before swimming. This will be nice even you do snorkeling your own way.

After snorkeling lecture, going to coral reef spot by boat to swim.

It's fish paradise. Variety of tropical fish around coral reef are welcome you. Lunch time back at Hateno Hama after snorkeling.

A hour of free time after lunch time. Enjoy by marine activities such as SUP(optional) and banana boat, or another swim, taking photos.

A tourist from Kanagawa says "I have lived on an island in Okinawa, but I feel Hateno Hama is special. A friend of mine told me to try this tour. I fully satisfied with snorkeling spots with colorful fish, SUP which I always wanted to do, BSAC certification of snorkeling".

A tour guide who knows Hateno Hama well says of good thing of Hateno Hama "Cut which can be postcard is everywhere. Hateno Hama is one of the best spot in eastern Asia". There is something you can only experience at Hateno Hama.

Contact below for tour info
I-fu sports club
Address: 548 Janado, Kumejima, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Tel: 098-985-8733

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