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I found a hidden aguu pig park in Nago City! Ganaha Chikusan Aguu Village

post : 2016.11.22 08:00

Aguu pork has become well-known for its flavor. Aguu are a black-haired hogs that were originally bred in Okinawa.



Since aguu pork cuisines have become so popular over the past ten years or so, you have probably eaten or at least heard about this species of hog. Let’s see what they look like at the aguu park.


The park is located behind the populated area of Nago. It is probably the first and only theme park featuring aguu. Ganaha Chikusan Aguu Village opened in Okazaki, Nago City on December 10th, 2014. Aguu and other cute animals inhabit the roughly 3,300 sq m. Guides are available to show you around.


Just after the entrance, there is a stage area, Aguu-kan, for events and shows. The section includes shops and a restaurant that are admission-free. A small museum will open soon on the second floor. The open restrooms might be worth a look; they have no roofs so you can see the blue sky!


The lively pigs can be seen at the 60-meter-long red carpet runway. Interestingly, as soon as they see people, 20 of them start walking on the runway. They know visitors feed them through a feeding pipe. You can purchase the feed for 100 yen. Pigs are pretty smart!


The aguu are playing with water in watercourse because they can’t take high heat. It is kind of relaxing to see them bathing.


The aguu are playing with water in watercourse because they can’t take high heat. It is kind of relaxing to see them bathing.

Aguu House is located just next door. The staff are training aguu for future stage performances. You might be able to see them to perform on your next trip to Okinawa.


Well, after walking around the park, aguu pork cuisine is available to try at Aguu kan.  You might feel weird eating it after seeing aguu in the park. If you want to take this opportunity, please take a look at the menu. Pork cutlet, ground pork steak, ginger pork, Okinawa soba and aguu pork set menus are available. Be sure to check out the aguu stuffed animals and other gifts available for purchase before you leave.

Ganaha Chikusan, one of the leading big farm industries in Okinawa, opened this park. CEO Akira Ganaha the has been in this field before World War Two.


“I have been wanting to provide more information to people about aguu other than just the way it tastes for many years,” said Ganaha. “A theme park is an ideal place for that because you can see the living animals and also touch them. My dream finally came true in 2014. Not only do I introduce the aguu to people, I also take good care of them here. EM – “effective microorganism” – feed (see: ) and mineral-rich food with coral from Yonaguuni Island are the main food for aguu pigs. They grow under very clean and natural environments. That care shows in the meat quality“

“An animal monument was built at the park to show our appreciation to all animals,” Ganaha said.


Free admission is available with ten stickers on their meat products.

Please visit the unique theme park to enjoy the whole aguu world.


Ganaha Chikusan Aguu Village


Address: 73 Okawa, Nago City, Okinawa

Tel: 0980-55-8655

Hours: 10:00 – 17:00

Closed: Monday (Tuesday if holiday)

Admissions: 500 yen ( 16 years old or older), 300 yen ( 15 years old or younger)


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)