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Youshoku Tin in Miyako Island – Great quality western style cuisine

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The friendly owners of this casual restaurant are originally from Kobe. Their place features great quality western style food made from local ingredients. Always full of locals and repeat customers, the restaurant serves popular items like Miyako beef cartilage croquettes, Miyako beef “Hayashi” stew and rice, homemade bonito tuna dish and more! 


“Tin” means “heaven” in the Okinawan dialect. The owners wanted to show appreciation for the food folks eat. Mr. and Mrs. Takezawa believe that all food is a gift from heaven. The Takezawa’s opened the restaurant in 2014. It has been a favorite among locals ever since.  


My first course was an island octopus Carpaccio with tapenade sauce. The octopus had been caught by a local fisherman and bar owner. The freshness was noticeable right away and the texture was enjoyable. Added paprika and Italian rock salt were a nice touch.

A Caesar salad with house-made smoked bacon (1,000 yen) came up next. To make the bacon, local pork belly is smoked for 4-5 hours after being marinated with rosemary and other herbs for ten days. Toasted croutons, soft-boiled egg and local fresh vegetables are other ingredients for this special salad. It is filling for a salad.


I also tried hamburger steak (1,000 yen). For this dish, Tarama Island beef is mixed with domestic ground pork. The homemade demi-glace sauce is extraordinary – made by simmering the main ingredients, beef bone powder, beef shank and vegetables for three days.


Dessert was a homemade custard pudding that was slightly eggier and less sweet than ordinary puddings. With a nod to the many kids who visit the restaurant, caramel sauce is smooth and not bitter.


About ten years ago, Keiko Takezawa visited Miyako as a tourist and immediately fell in love with the island. She returned to Kobe, quit her job and decided to be a chef. She had met her husband Ryota during the training period at the restaurant where they both worked. At first, Ryota was not enthusiastic about moving to Miyako, but soon, he too fell in love with the island.


“I wanted to have variety on the menu – not just hamburger steak and cutlets,” said Keiko. “I was lucky to meet Ryota who has twenty years of experience in food business. We are in constant pursuit of great quality.” Her ongoing policy is to create delicacies with local ingredients.


In addition to great quality meats, they also use fresh herbs and fresh fish, including akamachi (queen snappers), bonito and tuna. Currently, the chicken they use comes from Kagoshima but they intend to switch to local chicken as soon as they finalize a project they are working on with Miyako Jitsugyo High School. “One message I would like to give to the people of the island,” said Keiko. "Is that we are able to get our fresh ingredients locally."  Perhaps the community has already received this message.


Youshoku Tin

Address: 397-1 Hirara Nishizato, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

Tel: 0980-79-5334

Hours: Lunch 11:30–14:00; dinner 17:30–21:00

Closed: Thursday




Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Noriya Fukuyama