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Oppa Kinpa – Korean-style nori (seaweed) wraps with lots of local vegetables in Naha City

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Korean-Style Nori Wraps Oppa Kinpa opened on May 6, 2015 in Maejima, Naha City. Korean-style wraps are different from the Japanese ones. The rice inside of the Korean style wraps is seasoned with salt and sesame oil instead of vinegar. The nori (seaweed), which is used is of a flavorful, acid-free type that is difficult to get even in Korea.

This type of place was very new to Naha City and has become very popular among locals.



Mr. Park Jin Son or “Oppa (brother in Korean)” and his wife Yuko Nagahama run the business. Oppa was working at a restaurant in Korea up until two years ago, but had always dreamed of owning his own place. The couple traveled back and forth between Korea and Okinawa, but decided to settle in Okinawa because they wanted to raise their children here. Oppa worked at restaurants and visited many more on his days off to learn all he could about food – always with the aim of realizing his dream. They found a place for the restaurant sooner than they expected, but were good to go at that time.




They picked the kinpa (vegetable rolls) as their signature dish as they felt that people in Okinawa didn’t eat many vegetables. Oppa is very picky about his food’s ingredients so he decided to use local vegetables for his rolls even though they cost more. “I want to offer my customers tasty and healthy food even if it costs more,” Oppa said. “That’s the only way I feel I can make them happy.” When vegetables go out of season, the restaurant uses the best domestic ones. The rice they use is Kinumusume from Shimane Prefecture because it is tasty even when cold. According to Oppa, kinpa rice should be on the firm side.  




The Umakara Pork Salad Rice Bowl has lots of vegetables and spicy pork on top of the rice. Oppa came up with this item for Yuko – who doesn’t much care for vegetables. Mix well and enjoy!




Bulgogi kinpa (on the right) is made of spinach, carrots, chives, peppers, bulgogi (seasoned beef), homemade pickles and eggs.

Vegetable Kinpa (on the left) uses gobo (burdock root) instead of beef.

Both items contain lots of vegetables compared to the amount of rice used and are available to go.  Families with kids or elderly people who care about living healthy love these rolls for their nutritious ingredients and because they are a low-carb food. You will enjoy the flavor of the sesame oil, variety of ingredients and the unique texture.




I recommend these rolls if you feel you are someone who doesn’t get enough vegetables or if you want to get to like them more.

The shop has moved to the address below.


Korean-Style Nori Wraps Oppa Kinpa
Address: Lions Mansion Takara 1F, 2-9-50 Takara, Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 098-987-4393
Hours: 11:30–20:00 (last order 19:00)
Closed: Monday and certain holidays


Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Sachiko


沖縄県那覇市高良2-9-50 ライオンズマンションたから1階