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Why the Breakfast at Okinawa Daiichi Hotel is Very Popular?

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An article about Okinawa Daiichi Hotel back in November 2013, actually it is one of the popular articles on Okinawa CLIP. Nowadays, when you search for “Okinawa Daiichi Hotel breakfast,” the previous article appears high in the search results, and other results are very popular food guide websites. How come the breakfast at this hotel is popular? So we decided to go to the hotel to do an interview again!

Okinawa Daiichi Hotel is a small hotel in Naha City, and it is better to refer as “auberge.” It was founded in 1955, and it is one of the oldest hotels in Okinawa. Later, it was relocated to Ichigin-dori Street near Kokusai Street in 2011. Commonly, resort hotels with ocean view are popular in Okinawa, but this small hotel attracts guests from a different angle.

Take a look at the breakfast that the hotel proudly served. These dishes are made with 50 ingredients, and the total calories are 585kcal. How healthy are they? We did receive a great response from everybody who read the previous article, but it was actually different than we thought. When we had seats, the table was already filled with many dishes, and more dishes were served one and another when we finished some of them. We felt like we were having a palace cuisine at that time.

We are going to pick up some of the Okinawa’s traditional vegetables dishes among these dishes and explain about each of them.

◎Bread with Beni-imo (purple Yam) & Ucchin (turmeric)

You can have 2 breads even though the total calories of dishes are 585kcal. Okinawa’s specialty, beni-imo and ucchin were kneaded into dough, and they look colorful. You can put honey, blueberry jam, or sesame paste on the breads to eat, and we will definitely recommend sesame paste. Its rich but mild taste and light sensation made these breads very tasty.

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◎ Marinated Okinawan Carrot & Tomato 

Unlike regular carrot, Okinawan carrot is yellow, long, and thin. It is a popular ingredient in Okinawa, and the refreshing marinated Okinawan carrot and tomato is a perfect dish in the morning.

◎ Peucedanum Japonicum Salad 

This is a marinated salad with fresh peucedanum japonicum and dried bonito flakes. It is believed that “when you eat 1 peucedanum japonicum, then you can live 1 day longer.” It is a nutritious vegetable and people in Okinawa have been eating it from long time ago. It is good to eat it with a little bit of soy sauce, but also everybody can eat it as is. Its unique bitterness spreads into your mouth, and it tastes delicious.

◎ White Colored Marinated Njana / Nigana (bitter greens) 

Nigana is called “Njana” in Okinawa, and it is a good vegetable to stir or put in miso soup to eat. It was also used to eat as a preventive medicine for cold from the Ryukyu Dynasty era. It has a mild taste, and children also can enjoy its taste.

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◎ Boiled Bird's Nest Fern 

This uniquely shaped vegetable is “bird’s nest fern.” It is a popular vegetable mainly in Yaeyama Islands, and the characteristic of it is its crunchy texture. The tip of its leave is curled and looks cute, and it is also popular as a house plant. Its soft shoots are the edible part. 

◎ Fresh Mozuku Seaweed

Mozuku seaweed is one of the popular ingredients in Okinawa. Since it has low calorie content and it is rich in dietary fiber, it is popular as a healthy food. The fresh one we had at the hotel had a crunchy texture and very delicious.

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◎ Homemade Soy Milk, Peucedanum Japonicum Juice, and Shikwasa Juice 

You can drink these 3 kinds of drinks. Each of them was plain and not too sweet. Especially, shikwasa juice was surprising. Shikwasa has acid flavor, so lots of sugar is added to make its juice. However, shikwasa juice which the hotel offered was not just too sweet, we could also enjoy the flavor of it.

Also, yushi dofu (fluffy tofu), Miyako Island’s royal fern with aburamiso, fried taro, loofah with vinegared miso, and desserts including amagashi and seasonal fruits are served for the breakfast. It would be good for everybody to enjoy a full-course Okinawan breakfast like this.

When we look back the time we had breakfast at Okinawa Daiichi Hotel, each dish made the most of ingredients. Salt or seasonings were not added for flavoring. Combination of ingredients with different texture and taste bring out the excellent taste… we were very impressed by them. This is an important place to learn about the basic of Okinawa’s food culture not only for tourists but also the residents of Okinawa. Why don’t you try this precious Okinawan style breakfast?

Okinawa Daiichi Hotel
Address: 1-1-12 Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-867-3116
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*Reservation is required for the breakfast by the previous day.

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