Okinawa Tourism Information:TheCharacteristicof“ToguchiBeach”istheOddly-shapedRocks,andAnybodyCanEnjoySnorkelingHere◎

The Characteristic of “Toguchi Beach” is the Oddly-shaped Rocks, and Anybody Can Enjoy Snorkeling Here ◎

post : 2017.07.10 18:00

Toguchi Beach” in Yomitan Village is the beach which is loved by many locals.

First, we can see several oddly-shaped rocks that “come out” of the beach. These are rock reefs that are formed by limestones, and this unique view that can be seen only in Okinawa look very dynamic! And we never get tired of watching them. 

This paved pathway is located on the left side of rocky area at the beach, and it is still very much unknown. How about coming here for a walk? You might get excited with the wild and gigantic rock reefs that appear at sea. 

Also, an observation gazebo is a perfect spot for shooting photos. The natural shapes of oddly-shaped rocks look great, but also the symbolic gazebo with red-tile roof looks impressive. It would be good to take a memorable photo here and take it home with you.

And, the characteristic of the beach is its local atmosphere. It is not fancy, but each facility is maintained well and looks as good as the other famous beaches.

For example, large parking lot (free), shower (100 yen), locker, a store and a restaurant are located here, and you can also make a reservation and enjoy BBQ. Also, the sunset is beautiful as the one at beaches in Onna Village. Since it is about 20km / 12mi away from the center of Naha City, it is more accessible than Northern Okinawa.

This is a hidden spot, so it is very quiet unlike the other resort spots.

There are more attractive parts to explain about the beach. The shoaling beach is very clear, and you can observe lagoon with goggles at low tide. And of course, you can enjoy snorkeling at high tide. 

However, snorkeling equipment rental service is not available here, so you need to bring your own. And, you need to do snorkeling or other activities at your own responsibility. Make sure to wear life jacket and do activities with few people. Especially, the outreef drops off suddenly and there is a tide also, so you should not get close to it.

Also, you need to be aware of dangerous sea creatures (not only here, but also every beach in Okinawa). Black-banded sea krait (poisonous sea snake), lionfish (photo on top), crown-of-thorns starfish (photo on bottom), and moray eels could be found there. There might be habu kurage (box jellyfish) or stonefish. Think safety first and have fun as much as possible. 

Beautiful beach, one and only scenery of oddly-shaped rocks, comfortable each facility, very clear water, and snorkeling… You can spend a slow-paced Okinawan time at this unique local hidden spot unlike the resort spots.


Toguchi Beach
Address: 228 Toguchi, Yomitan Village
Tel: 098-982-8877 (Ganjyu Farm)
Fee: free
Parking: free

Okinawa CLIP photo writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)