Okinawa Tourism Information:AttentiontoAllFamilyMemberswhowanttoStayataResortHotel!LotsofChildren’sActivitiesareAvailableat“RenaissanceResortOkinawa.”

Attention to All Family Members who want to Stay at a Resort Hotel! Lots of Children’s Activities are Available at “Renaissance Resort Okinawa.”

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“Renaissance Resort Okinawa” is a resort hotel which is situated along the beautiful coast of Onna Village, the Northern Okinawa. Not only guests can enjoy marine sports and the feeling of the resort during their stay, but also children can have fun with children's activities at this hotel. If you are planning to go on a trip to Okinawa with your child / children, you cannot miss this info.

Among many activities for family, the most popular activity is “Treasure Hunting.” 

Participants are going to be Captain Shark’s pirate crew and become pirates to go on “Treasure Hunting.” After you wear bandana and certain items, follow a treasure map and find hidden clues and key points at the lobby, beach, and other facilities. Clues can be found at the beautiful scenery here and there, fight against opponents, collect gold coins, get on a pirate ship and you can get treasure! The best part about this activity is that you can get on the pirate ship!!!

When the ship showed up beyond the emerald colored ocean, everybody got excited. Actually, fathers were more excited than their children lol

The ship exterior looked real and very cool.

The moment when children and a captain fight bravely against opponents, this is a touching moment to find out the growth of them. 

Next, another popular activity is “Dolphin Program.” Wet suits for adults and small children are available, so parents can have fun with their children!

After participants learn about types of dolphins and dolphin ecology, it is time to meet dolphins.

Participants can choose any programs including a program to observe dolphins without swimming or a program to swim with them. Another program is “Family Dolphin” which is for all the family members to have fun with dolphins, and “Dolphin Encounter ƒ (forte)” is also recommended because participants can climb into the knee-deep water and play with dolphins directly.

It is going to be the unforgettable memory for children when they see dolphins and play with them. 

Another popular activity for children is “My First Job Challenge.” Children will be challenging to work for the first time with hotel staff. They can choose any jobs from bell staff, chef, cake pâtissier, yacht crew, and more. They will think, act, enjoy and learn by working. Most of all, children-sized uniforms look real and cute!!! Parents might get excited when they saw their children working in their uniforms. “Eisa Dance Challenge” is also recommended because it can be experienced only in Okinawa.

This time, those children on the photo experienced “Shake! Shake! Bartender.” They dressed in vests, bow ties, and aprons and they definitely looked cool. Next, picked their favorite juice among colorful juices and shook it with shakers! Oh, the way they did it looked very cute lol the good part is that a bartender kindly showed them how to use shakers. 

Children would be happy when their parents drink freshly made cocktails they made. After they finished working, they received their first paycheck that they have been waiting for.

After they receive money that can be used only at the hotel, they can buy puppets or character merchandise within the limits of their paycheck.

Everybody can choose and eat variety of foods at World Lunch Buffet, and here is a popular spot for locals.

Smiley potatoes, patties, and other children’s favorite foods are available at kids’ corner of the buffet, and children can choose and put their favorite foods on dolphin’s plates. They can enjoy choosing any foods they like, and they can be glued to the way a chef makes crape. Since kids’ space area is located within the restaurant, parents can take time to eat lunch.

Pools with slides, family guest room which imagined the fantastic world of sea, kids amenity and other items for children are available at the hotel. If you are planning to come to Okinawa with your child/children, you definitely have to check Renaissance Resort Okinawa! Plus parents want to see their children smiling!! You can make lots of memories during your trip and they can make you smile every time you remember the trip.


Renaissance Resort Okinawa
Address: 3425-2 Yamada, Onna Village
Tel: 098-965-0707

Okinawa CLIP photo writer 0173 (Reina Chinen)