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Aguri Shop Shimachurara: A souvenir shop featuring local health and skin care products

post : 2017.07.18 07:00

The shop has three sections: Health Corner, Skin Care Corner and Longevity Corner.


Aguri Shop Shimachurara opened on April, 18, 2015 as a new type of souvenir shop dealing only in local items, such as food and cosmetic products. The spacious shop works with about 70 local companies that supply original products made from island-produced ingredients such as hot peppers, herbs, spices, salt, goat’s milk, shikuwasa (local citrus), mangoes, guavas and other local fruits.


This item Hachimiichan no Hachimitsu (honey) has been a popular item since opening day.


Products are displayed by company, not category, so you can see the background stories of each farm or dealer on the info panel. It is helpful to know how products are made before you decide to purchase.


One of the staff chose some featured products from the health and longevity corner for me.


The background story as described above, for this vendor, was very detailed -- almost like a magazine article. The passion of the farmers and other producers is passed to their customers in this way. That is the charm of this place and brings with it a feeling you can’t get at regular stores.


Lots of cute packages from skin care corner. They make great items for get-togethers.


Shimachurara always credits their suppliers when they sell their products. They set up an event area where their customers and suppliers can interact. Initially, the shop’s name was Nago Aguri Ichi (market) and they would hold events with producers. One of these events was a workshop for making cosmetics from shikuwasa seed oil. You can check workshop schedules on Okinawa Churashima Zaidan’s Facebook page.


The Health Corner has various processed foods to add variety to your regular meals.


Getting typical souvenirs from Okinawa is fine, but finding new and unique items can be a real bright spot on your visit to Okinawa. Please stop by the next time you are in the northern area of Okinawa Island. Show us your passport and enjoy your shopping tax free.




Aguri Shop Shimachurara

Address: 4607-1 Nago, Nago City, Okinawa

Tel: 0980-43-6010

Hours: 10:00–18:00

Open: 365 days


Okinawa Churaumi Zaidan



Okinawa CLIP photo writer: Aya Asakura