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Okinawa City Green Fest

post : 2017.07.24 18:00

An event called “Okinawa City Green Fest” takes place 5 times a year at Okinawa City Farmers Training Center which is located across from “Chanpuru Ichiba”, a farmer’s market in Noborikawa, Okinawa City. Farmers set up tents, exhibit and sell plants that they grow. 

Many kinds of unique Okinawan plants are available here. For example, purple, pink, and two-tone bougainvillea, croton with different types of leaves and colors, and

other subtropical plants with dynamic flower and leaves. 

A variety of succulent plants from affordable ones to rare ones are also available here.

Plants that can grow in the ground such as Agave or Zamia can be found here. It must be fun to grow them. 

Also, popular “Bizarre Plants” including Euphorbia and Dyckia are lined up here.

People might be satisfied just stopping by farmers’ tents and looking at the plants they grow. Plus, you can distinguish each farmer’s strong area. For example, some of them are good at growing flowers, and some of them can grow delicious fruits.

Honeybees were seduced by the fragrance of the flowers.

All plants have different aspect and characteristic. Each of them is reasonably priced, so it is better for you to get the ones you want without hesitation. Otherwise somebody might get the plants you want if you did not get them earlier. If you are not sure how to grow them, no worries. Experts are at the venue to help you out, so they can give you advice kindly if you ask them.

This event takes place on every March, April, June, October, and December. A charity auction will be held also as a part of this event. Especially, the farmers from not only Okinawa City but also Central Okinawa will gather for the ones on April and October, so do not forget to mark your schedule! 

How about enjoy looking at beautiful flowers after buying fresh vegetables at the nearby farmer’s market?


Okinawa City Green Fest
Schedule: for 10 days from the 1st Friday of March, April, June, October, and December
Time: 9:00-18:00
Venue: Okinawa City Farmers Training Center (address: 2380 Noborikawa, Okinawa City) 

Okinawa CLIP photo writer monobox (Tetsumasa and Kozue Kono)