Okinawa Tourism Information:RecommendedSightseeingduringGoldenWeek“IejimaIslandLilyFestival”

Recommended Sightseeing during Golden Week “Iejima Island Lily Festival”

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Many people flock to Iejima Island, the remote island of Okinawa prefecture in the north during Golden Week.  What is it for?  

You might already know the answer.  Yes! “Iejima Lily Festival!”

Two hundred thousands of trumpet lilies are planted in Lily Field Park on the northern coast. Including the ones grow wild, a million of white trumpet lilies blanket the field.


Not only on the Lily Field Park but also on the backside of the venue, 75 kinds of lilies from the world are now on view. Red, yellow, pink—they are brightly colored and beautiful!


Caruso (New Zealand)


Orange Thai Queen (Holland)


Nashville (Holland)


Sorbonne (New Zealand)


Black Out (Chile)


Every weekend during the festival period (from April 19to May 6), visitors can enjoy music, dance, street performance on the special stage.

When I visited the festival for coverage, I could see the local performing arts and village folk dance of Iejima. During the dance performance by elementary school students, local elderly ladies threw ohineri (money wrapped in a tissue paper) to the stage. It was full of life around the stage!

Let me tell you the best shooting time for lily flowers!

I recommend you take pictures of them in the morning or at sunset because you can get a magical atmosphere.

Why not stay at Iejima Island and catch the best timing for your beautiful shot!

Now is the best time to view trumpet lilies on Iejima Island.

Why don’t you visit Iejima Island during Golden Week?


“Iejima Island Lily Festival”

Event Days: Saturday, April 19 to Tuesday May 6

Location: Lily Field Park, Iejima Island

For more information, click here! → (It is written in Japanese, so please ask your Japanese friend for help.)


* The bus for sightseeing around the island runs from Ie Port.

I recommend you use this bus service because it goes around from Ernie Pyle Memorial, the Niya Thiya Cave, Wajee Point, Mount Gusuku, Hibiscus Park, and finally to Lily Festival Venue!

For details, please click here! →

(It is written in Japanese, so please ask your Japanese friend for help.)


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