Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyLookingatKnickknackorMakingAccessorieswhileDrinkingColorfulDrinksat“Ti-daBeachParlour”(Naha)

Enjoy Looking at Knickknack or Making Accessories while Drinking Colorful Drinks at “Ti-da Beach Parlour” (Naha)

post : 2017.10.11 18:00

Ti-da Beach,” a knickknacks and accessory shop which reminds of southern islands and beaches, has opened another shop. Just like the first branch, everybody can enjoy shopping and accessory making, and they can also spend time here at a café within the same building. 

The shop is called “Ti-da Beach Parlour.” The shop is very close to “Makishi station,” and it is located off-street of Kokusai Street.

It is hard to miss its pink color! Pink is the base color of both exterior and interior, so most girls might fall in love with this space. 

It has been popular already among many female customers to take photos in front of the heart-shaped neon sign or at the entrance of the shop and post them on SNS. Cold drinks that remind of southern islands are popular as well!

Drinks include “Mango Milk Float” (with mango, milk, and coconut ice), colorful “Dragon Fruit Smoothie” (with chia seed and granola), and more. Okinawa’s unique ingredients are used for each drink, and it seems like they have a power to energize people.  

Not only drinks, but “Mango Milk Ice Candy” is good too.  

Lots of fruits create its juicy and semi-sweet flavor. Also, the most attractive part of “Ti-da Beach Parlour” is that customers can take a look at knickknacks or make accessories while having cold drinks!

Isn’t it exciting that everybody can shop or make accessories while resting here? The owner did not name this shop after parlor (or parlour) that serves drink and light meals in Okinawa. He named it to “treat customers nicely.”

“I opened this shop to express a feeling of thankfulness and gratitude for my customers who love ‘Ti-da Beach.’ I want each of them to enjoy looking at knickknacks and making accessories while resting at this shop. It would be great if they could get rid of fatigue by resting here.” 

Takashi Nagayama, the owner, explained the reason why he opened this shop.

Many repeat customers from Mainland Japan stop by at this shop every time they visit Okinawa for vacation. Currently, the number of customers that stop by all 3 affiliated shops (“Ti-da Beach,” “Ti-da Beach Parlour,” and “the BEACH Okinawa” in Sunabe, Chatan Town) has been increasing.

You can drink at a counter of this shop, look at knickknacks, and try to make accessories here. You might have a fun conversation with strangers and become friendly with them. 

Enjoy drinking cold drinks and choosing memorable knickknacks and souvenirs at this shop.


Ti-da Beach Parlour
Address: 2-7-18 Makishi, Naha City
Tel: 098-894-8828
Business Hours: 12:00-18:00
Closed: Irregular (check the official Instagram for closed day)
Parking: No (nearby toll parking lots are available)

Okinawa CLIP photo writer 0173 (Reina Chinen)